Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Proud Boys Threaten Vancouver Bar Staff

ARC had been following this story when it was making the rounds on social media, but this past weekend a Vancouver area member of the Proud Boys (for all intents and purposes a far right "alt-light" wannabe fight club) claims to have been assaulted in a Vancouver bar:

I find it interesting that no matter how many times Proud Boys finds themselves in a fight, they are always claiming to be the innocent party unreasonably attacked my antifa members. If I were cynical I might suggest that such encounters, if they occur as the PBs claim, are perhaps someone contrived. But perish the thought that a group that seems to revel in toxic masculinity would create a climate in which a member could achieve that 4th degree.

ARC contacted Vanessa, a staff member of the bar where the incident took place. Her account is as follows:
On October 14th, there was a group of 6-8 of them having a gathering at the bar. The event that night was a punk/indie rock show where a significant number of the artists and attendees were queer/LGBQT/femme identifying. I was made aware of their presence there by patrons who were concerned they were there to cause trouble. I told one of them they did not belong there, and they took their sweet time, but left without incident. 
Given the size of the bathroom, I find it very unlikely that it was as many people as they claim it was, and even more unlikely that there was a bat involved. From where the bar is though, there are no clear site lines. 
I can only speculate, but I've been a bartender in that neighbourhood a long time, and I've seen some fights. If it was as he describes it, I'd expect he'd be in much worse shape.
I don't condone violence of any kind aside from controlled and consenting mosh pit scenarios, but if you want to posture yourself as a fraternal fight club of proud nationalists and misogynists, I have a hard time believing that wasn't exactly what they were looking for. Those views are inherently violent to women, immigrants, and indigenous people, and that's 75% of our client base right there.
I just think it was opportunistic and not targeted, and I am sad for those boys that they have not had the direct experience to change their minds and are so completely unaware of how they make people feel around them.
Josh, the PB who claimed to have been attacked by four members of antifa, and his friends didn't like Vanessa's response to their.... uhm.... dilemma and since then she has been subject to online threats to her person and her job as evidenced by the following messages she received on Facebook. Some of the messages were run of the mill trolling....

.... however she also received what were clearly threats:


Monday, November 20, 2017

"Something Bad Happened? Let's Blame The Muslims."

In July 2011, Anders Breivik murdered 69 youths on the island of Utøya not far from Oslo, Norway. Just prior to the Utøya massacre, bombs that he has placed in the capital to act as a decoy killed 8 other individuals. When news of the murders occurred, the far right such as those at the now defunct Free Dominion blamed the event on Muslims. Even as more information came out, many insisted that Muslims were to blame. Only when there was incontrovertible evidence the individual responsible was in fact not a Muslim but a someone motivated by anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant beliefs, was there a grudging acceptance that the suspect might not be actually a Muslim.

It's hard to believe now that, looking back, that this initial knee-jerk reaction which was followed be an almost disappointed, "I guess he's not a Muslim after all" would be considered lucid and well considered by today's standards when it comes to far right sentiments regarding Muslims.

I was going to begin this article by saying that if Muslims didn't exist, the far right would have to invent them. That of course isn't true at all as Jews have historically go-to group to scapegoat in the West for the better part of 2500 years or more. That hasn't changed as Jews continue to be maligned and attacked both physically and rhetorically.... which often leads to physical attacks. However antisemitism isn't as socially acceptable as it once was in the West, which isn't to say that it isn't still rampant. More and more the far right seem to be substituting "Jew" with "Muslim" as the boogeyman responsible for all of societies problems. ARC posted an article comparing the dehumanization of European Jews to the dehumanization of Muslims today .Even the rhetoric is similar. Muslims:

  • Are oriental invaders who are undermining Western nations from within.
  • Have infiltrated our government, our education system, and our economics.
  • Imposed a Halal Tax to extract money from non-Muslims.
  • Refuse to assimilate into our culture OR they have seemingly fully assimilated so as to better destroy said culture.
And so on. 

Not that the rhetoric has been rational in any way. It hasn't. But we seem to have reached a point now where the hysterical fear of Muslims has reached such a fevered pitch that it is almost impossible to reason with people who embrace the all encompassing conspiracy theory:

We had hints of this back in January when six men were murdered in a Quebec City Islamic center. Though the suspect was arrested, those who didn't celebrate the murders or claim it was a false flag insisted that the murders were carried out by Muslims, sharing inaccurate information on social media and having their suspicions further stoked by the likes of Faith Goldy who was then working for "The Rebel" or Lauren Southern  (also then of "The Rebel") who tweeted false information about the hate crime:

Btw, Tarek Fatah was also complicit in what was already known to be untrue:

Later the Fort McMurray fires were blamed on Muslims, the rational being this was a plan to both damage Alberta's oil industry at the behest of the Saudis as well as "cleans" the city of white Canadians so that Muslims could colonize the now emptied city. More recently mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas have been attributed to Muslims or Muslim-converts despite all the available evidence:

It has gotten to the point where any incident can be, and often is, blamed on Muslims. Riots in Brussels that were caused when a YouTube celebrity invited his fans to meet him in the square? Nope, it was a horde of Muslims attacking a Christmas market because they hate Christians:

An attempted home invasion in Okotoks which left a teen with (thankfully) minor injuries and emotional trauma? Definitely a Muslim:

In this case, someone appears to be at least mildly skeptical.
And fully entering the theater of the absurd, setting fires in a major Canadian city have to be the work of Muslims since, in the history of that city, there apparently had never been a fire before.

Interestingly, in the midst of blaming Muslims for fires in Vancouver, some can't resist casting suspicion on the old stand-by scapegoat by embracing one of the many antisemitic stereotypes:

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Tyler Jefferies: "Alt-Right" Troll

Yesterday CBC News posts a story concerning Barbara Kentner who was murdered when a trailer hitch was thrown at her from a moving vehicle. The article focused on lies about Ms. Kenter, a First Nations woman, being disseminated on social media:
[Nicholaichuk] noticed a Facebook comment from someone debunking a long-shared lie that Kentner had been previously involved in an assault on a 15-year-old boy that left him with a caved-in eye-socket. Nicholaichuk said she wanted to get to the "bottom of this" and began sifting through posts, primarily from the Real Concerned Citizens of Thunder Bay Facebook group. 
"When I sat down and tried to trace this rumour and I kind of put all these screenshots together of misinformation being spread and just outright hate, it was really shocking," said Nicholaichuk. "The whole story people were basing this on was fabricated. I realized I needed to get the word out there as soon as soon as possible."
Eventually the story was traced to one man using the pseudonym Gregory Lusko of Thunder Bay, however his real name is Tyler Jefferies which immediately jogged this writer's memory. Though he had fallen off ARC's radar, Jefferies is someone who has deep ties to the racist right in Canada:

ARC had other files on Jefferies on a database which is unfortunately down right now and I'm uncertain when it will be online again, but I don't doubt that others who monitor individuals associated with the racist movement in Canada will remember who Jefferies is.

The CBC News article contacted Jefferies who admitted that the story he told was not true:
CBC News contacted Jeffries about his posts. He said he was "wrong" and that he never knew the family of the boy. 
"I was bullshitting about that," said Jeffries, in a telephone interview. "I heard it from a buddy and he heard from a buddy's buddy." 
Jeffries, who says he has friends from "all ethnicities," maintained his belief that Kentner was a "monster" because she allegedly intimidated a witness — something that was never proven in court. 
"Do I go around throwing pennies at hookers at the age of 35, no, absolutely not," said Jeffries, who was banned from the Real Concerned Citizens Facebook group.
If I have one argument with the CBC article it is that Jefferies admitted that, "he was wrong," at least the "admitted" part. Given what ARC has learned about Jefferies, it would seem that truth isn't really something he cares about all that much since he has adopted the rhetoric of the alt-right and has become a rather stereotypical 4Chan, Donald Trump supporting, troll. And he seem pretty damn proud of himself:

Saturday, November 18, 2017

I Don't Think Steven Myatt Likes ARC Anymore

ARC first became acquainted with Steven Alexander Wicket Chirpa Tokkat Zephee Gregory Myatt in reference to his involvement in the June 3 Ottawa anti-M103 rally that was being organized by Mike Waine. Myatt appeared to have been another individual who had taken a leadership role in spearheading this event which missed it's target of one million Canadians marching on Parliament by roughly 999,830 people.

If truth be told, I didn't really think of Myatt as being especially significant and that my references to him (I thought rather briefly) was to simply detail the kind of people involved in what I believed at the time and which was confirmed by the numbers who arrived in Ottawa as a bit of a fool's errand.

Myatt however was eventually provided the link to at least one of the three stories in which he was mentioned and decided that this was evidence that he had arrived as an important figure in the anti-Muslim/anti-government/alt-right movement:

Dude, I have few illusions concerning ARC's reach or influence. If you think being ARC famous is a big deal, you really do need to reevaluate your life goals.

Since then, Myatt has continued to mention on occasion his inclusion in an article published on this blog, and in general he seemed to be pleased as punch. As recently as September he was touting being referenced on ARC as something to maybe celebrate:

Well.... no. The article was about the Northern Guard; this is the only time Myatt was mentioned:
Last night Steven Alexander Gregory Dwalin Balin Gloin Dori Myatt posted a video of Georges Massaad interviewing Quebec Provincial Vice President Eric Brazeau. Brazeau, who among other things stated the Northern Guard are survivalists, claims that around 20 members will be participating in the Ottawa event to, "provide security."
Myatt did get some love though from a person familiar to ARC readers though who claimed that you know you've "arrived" when Anti-Racist Canada writes about you:

More on Goudreau later, though I would hasten to note that come the end of November Anti-Racist Canada will have been online for a decade. During all of those years fascists have been predicting our imminent demise. ARC however persists while many of our detractors have disappeared.

Now Myatt never seemed to care much about how people on ARC's side of the ledger viewed him and seems to have taken a rather perverse pleasure in going out of his way to offend people, though I should perhaps note here that his efforts to be controversial often appear rather forced and he looks to be trying too hard to really be taken very seriously:

For example, in a recent post Myatt seems to suggest that women don't know what is best for them and that they should defer to men who do, though not without a little bit of pushback:

He has however also become increasingly frustrated with Facebook as he claims to be having some of his posts flagged and removed:

It was about this time, perhaps as a result of frustration, a decision to try to use the courts to stifle examples of free expression he doesn't like, or the realization that "freedom of speech" doesn't mean "freedom from consequences" that he made this post on November 7 directed at this little spot on the Internet:

Friday, November 17, 2017

Because I Can

No reason for this other than it made me smile. And since this is my blog I can post what I want:

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Ronny Cameron Continues To Promote "White Genocide" Trope

The October 21 "Trudeau Must Go" rally organized by Ronny Cameron in Nathan Phillips Square  started off very shaky, but as a result of groups such as the Northern Alliance showing up later to bolster their numbers and equaling those of the counter-protesters, Cameron, Myatt, and others involved came to view it as a massive success.

Unfortunately, and though I don't wish to prognosticate too much, it may possibly also have been the high point of their nascent movement based on events that have occurred afterwards.

For example, although Cameron had claimed that his rally did not include members of far-right, racist, groups, a number of reports and extensive evidence published on this blog and elsewhere indicates that his claim is simply not true. Also, Ronny himself hasn't been immune to pushing not so subtle white nationalist propaganda himself:

Recently Cameron has also gotten involved in the 4Chan campaign to push white nationalism with what on the face of it appears to be an innocuous message until one comes to learn the rationale and motivation behind the effort; some of those involved in the October 21 rally are active participants:

Today Cameron decided to be far less subtle and has started to promote a white nationalist trope that has become familiar to all of ARC's readers:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

James Sears and Leroy St. Germaine Arrested and Hotel Cancels on Paul Fromm

It seems that this has been in the works for some time but the hammer fell today:
Your Ward News editor, publisher charged with promoting hatred 
By ANNIE ARNONE     Staff ReporterWed., Nov. 15, 2017 
The editor and publisher of a community newspaper in Toronto’s east end have been arrested on charges of promoting hatred. 
James Nicholas Sears, 54, and Lawrence St. Germaine, 76, were each charged Wednesday with two counts of willful promotion of hatred against an identifiable group, namely Jews and women. 
The charges follow a hate-crimes investigation that’s been underway since earlier this year.
Prior to the arrests, sad walrus (based on the mustache) Lawrence McCurry foreshadowed the event:

And the next day....

In other news, Paulie is scheduled to speak at the Hilton Winnipeg Airport Suites to a group of racist. Unfortunately for him, his presence at the hotel is no longer welcome thanks to the efforts of Helmut Loewen who forwarded ARC the letter he received from Hilton:
Mr. Loewen, 
Many thanks for your message to Hilton’s CEO. By way of introduction, I am part of our company’s communications team and have been asked to respond on his behalf. 
We appreciate and acknowledge your concerns regarding Mr. Fromm's proposed event at the Hilton Winnipeg Airport Suites. As this property is independently owned and operated, we have shared your concerns directly with the ownership group. They have since advised us that due to safety and security concerns, the reservation has been cancelled and Mr. Fromm will no longer be staying at the hotel. 
I also want to assure you that as places of public accommodation, Hilton properties do not discriminate against any individual or group. Our goal is to provide quality accommodations and a pleasant environment for our guests, employees and members of our community visiting our hotel. Racism in any form is not tolerated. 
We hope to welcome you at one of our properties in the near future. 
Kind regards,
NIGEL GLENNIEVP, Corporate Communications
Paulie might be surprised when he tries to check in.

UPDATE 1: Received the following.
Paulie managed to find a new venue for his speech at the Mainstay Inn on King Edward, though the hotel (after numerous phone calls) stated that he was not welcome there. Fromm was seen at the venue, wearing his tan trench coat. Yaron Walter followed him in and he b-lined for the elevator. Only two appear to have shown up to see Paulie:

Seems it was hardly worth the airfare. 

UPDATE 2: It seems that not only did few show up for Paulie's speech (only two based on those who were present), he was also unceremoniously given the boot by management when they realized what he was all about:
Thank you for your concern. The moment we became aware of this individual MainStay Suites took appropriate action to have him removed from our property. We are proud of our diversity and will never share his values.
UPDATE 3: Paulie seems upset.