15 August 2016

Soldier of Odin Member Christopher Hayes Update 2

It's been a few days, however it looks as if Soldier of Odin member Chrisopher Hayes as released around August 8 pending a court appearance on September 12:
Hayes’ release order included the statutory conditions and numerous others including: not attempting to directly or indirectly communicate with the prime minister; surrending all firearms and any possession and acquisition licences to the RCMP within 24 hours; not possessing any electronic devices capable of duplicating, creating or generating social media posts (except for work purposes); reporting monthly to the RCMP; remaining in Saskatchewan; and relinquishing his passport. 
In the meantime, Chris Hayes' brother Michael "Mjohn" Hayes who is the leader of the Oxbow, Saskatchewan chapter of the Soldiers of Odin still seems to believe that threatening Prime Minister Trudeau is a perfectly acceptable exercising of one's freedom of expression and is not particularily pleased with the RCMP:

Yeah. Your brother didn't simply criticize Mr. Trudeau, but we suppose that the truth is still a hard pill to swallow particularly if you surround yourself with people who believe uttering casual death threats to be reasonable political discourse:

The Trump reference reminds us that something else interesting popped up in our examination of Michael Hayes' Facebook profile. For someone who is a leader of a group that claims to to be patriotic....

....Michael doesn't actually seem to like his own country all that much:

12 August 2016

Soldiers of Odin: Canadian Media Paying Attention

We don't usually refer to ourselves as "media" though in the absolute sense, we suppose we are. We run a niche blog who's members have a realistic understanding concerning our national exposure. Still, we like to think that at least on occasion we've been able to punch above our weight by breaking a few stories before the msm have.

As far as we know, we were amongst the first, if not the first, "media" source that began covering the entry of the Soldiers of Odin onto the Canadian scene. However since we began, there has been some really good journalism focused on the SOO. Not too long after our first exposé, Vice published a story by Mack Lamoureux who was able to infiltrate a meeting by the Alberta chapter of Soldiers of Odin. And last week, CBC's Samantha Craggs wrote what we would regard as a pretty hard hitting profile of the SOO and the group's efforts to organize in the city of Hamilton.

Some members of the SOO took notice, including co-leader of the Saskatchewan chapter of the Soldiers of Odin:

In the article, the national president of the Canadian Soldiers of Odin, Joel Angott, claims that the group is opposed to racism:
The presence in Hamilton is informal right now, with about eight or nine members getting organized, said SOO national president Joel Angott. There's a lot of interest, but potential Hamilton members are being carefully vetted. 
SOO members do neighbourhood patrols, Angott told CBC Hamilton in a phone interview from Winnipeg. Right now, its Hamilton plans focus on cleaning up local parks. 
He denies that the group is anti-immigration, or anti-Muslim, although the group's bylaws lament the government "accepting refugees from countries that hate us" and "letting illegal aliens into this country and giving them the ability to vote and drive."
Denying that the SOO is not anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim sort of flies in the face of what is routinely posted on the various provincial Soldiers of Odin chapters' Facebook pages however. For example, here are a few from the British Columbia chapter group page:

10 August 2016

Soldier of Odin Member Christopher Hayes Update 1

Last Friday we wrote about Christopher Hayes who was arrested for making threats towards Prime Minister Trudeau on social media. We also posted comments defending said threats as "freedom of speech." We also learned that Hayes was a supporter, if not a member, of the Saskatchewan chapter of Soldiers of Odin:

We didn't initially notice, but upon a second look we found that Chris Hayes' arrest had been discussed in a thread originally begun by an individual who claimed Chris as a brother:

The thread continued today:

This is interesting, in that another supporter (or member) of the Soldiers of Odin, David Rhinelander, has admitted to being investigated for threats made on social media.

Of additional interest is that Michael "Mjohn" Hayes is a leader within the Saskatchewan chapter of the Sons of Odin; he has been listed as the Oxbow chapter president:

5 August 2016

Man Arrested for Threatening Prime Minster: Ties to Canadian Extremist Group Soldiers of Odin

On August 2, a man residing in Grayson, Saskatchewan, was arrested for online threats made against Prime Minister Trudeau:
On Tuesday, Christopher Hayes was arrested by RCMP members at his residence in the Saskatchewan town 170 kilometres northeast of Regina. 
He was charged with one count of uttering threats against a Canadian government official. His home was also searched, and several electronic items were seized by police.....In one post from July, Hayes writes, “if I have to folks I’ll start personally threatening civil unrest, personally gathering people to overthrow Notley and eventually Trudeau… I have nothing to hide from the #RCMP who are already watching my Facebook account… am I threatening personal harm to Trudeau or Notley? Nope." 
The post goes on to say Hayes will spend all of his time “to organize a movement to overthrow a corrupt government. If the RCMP as a whole had any balls ya [sic] all show throw Notley and Trudeau in fn [sic] jail for corruption and crimes against the people of Canada.” 
Other posts are in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, while others go after government and politicians.
One of the threatening messages were still on Mr. Hayes' Facebook page when this writer took a look. A second one could not be found at that time, but a screen shot was taken by a friend who tipped us off to Christopher Hayes' online activities. Both posts were made on July 8:


Another post made on the same day included a petition to allow concealed firearms in Canada (because goodness knows people like this should be walking around with concealed weapons):

The day before his arrest, Hayes posted another message which given the context of his other posts a call for violence.... as well as exhibiting an overall ignorance of economics and geopolitics:

This also doesn't appear to have been Mr. Hayes' first interaction with the police:

Prior to the tip about this guy, we really didn't give it much thought. But when we did a little bit of digging, we found that he had recently become associated with a group we started covering here on the blog a few months ago:

29 July 2016

July 2016 Bits and Bites

This writer is currently on vacation, however there have been a few stories that have come out lately that our readers may find of interest.

Back when we first wrote about Monika Schaefer, former Green Party federal candidate and current Holocaust denier, we anticipated that the like of Paulie, Arthur Topham, and now nutter Brian Ruhe would play the "persecuted German" angle. We haven't been disappointed:

21 July 2016

PEGIDA Canada Comments on Republican National Convention and Black Lives Matter

Watching the dumpster fire/hate fest that is the Republican National Convention, this writer decided to check in on one of the groups being monitored by ARC. Since we haven't looked at PEGIDA Canada in a while, we figured we'd take a gander to see if they had written anything:

Indeed they had, though the first comment wasn't so much on the convention as it was on the protests. Specifically, PEGIDA Canada posted this article in which a Muslim-American decided to show up with a firearm. Now, he certainly wasn't alone as numerous Trump supporters were also armed, Ohio being an open carry state.

The members/supporters at PEGIDA Canada were all pleased to see this Muslim-American exercising his Second Amendment right to bare arms, proving that he was supported those values that they believed other Muslim-Americans lacked.

Just kidding!

No, they openly called for his murder:

17 July 2016

Wildrose Party Leader Brian Jean Photographed with Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour Associate

Okay, the title of this article could rightfully be accused of being click bait and of being  unfair to Brian Jean, but it is also an accurate title.

Much like the late Rob Ford was photographed a an event with an individual well known to those familiar with the racist movement in Canada, so too was Brian Jean, leader of the Wildrose Party of Alberta who posed for this photo with Jonathan Besler we presume at the Calgary Stampede:

Given Besler's attitude toward the current NDP government in Alberta, perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised that he would gravitate towards the Wildrose Part as an alternative....

16 July 2016

Green Party of Canada Releases Statement on Monika Schaefer

UPDATE: Looks like the CBC picked up on the story as well.

Back in June we published an article about Monika Schaefer, a Green Party member and three time (at least) candidate in the riding of Yellowhead.

Or, perhaps it might be more accurate now to write that she is likely soon to be a former Green Party member:

The story has also been picked up by B'nai Brith Canada and by Ms. Schaefer's local newspaper:

Video denying holocaust causes uproar
Posted by: fitzhugh Posted date: July 13, 2016 In: Archive, Feature, News

A video shot by a local resident denying the Holocaust has been widely condemned by the community and at least one resident has filed a formal complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

On June 17, Monika Schaefer, a well-known Jasper resident and former Green Party candidate, appeared in a video on Youtube denying the Holocaust. The video was subsequently posted on her Facebook page.
Ken Kuzminski, president of the Jasper Royal Canadian Legion, described the video as hate speech.

13 July 2016

Michelle Erstikaitis In The News Again

It's been a while since we heard anything about Michelle Erstikaitis. Last we heard she was still in detention from a previous run-in with the judicial system and Paul Fromm was diligently visiting her behind bars (really, though he claims her as a White Nationalist P.O.W. Paulie's relationship with Erstikaitis remains inexplicable to us.... unless.... yuck!).

We'll, it looks like she is out of prison.

Or, perhaps we should say, WAS out of prison:



Paulie might have a hard time explaining this away.

Michelle Erstikaitis, 36, who was deemed a dangerous offender five years ago, appeared in a College Park courtroom Tuesday looking dishevelled and ranting about wanting “a refugee lawyer” to handle her case.

She is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon.

“I’m a Canadian citizen and I want to leave this country,” Erstikaitis said in open court.

Okay, so, what did she do exactly?

Toronto Sun sources alleged the woman initially asked for asylum but soon began shouting “ISIS is coming to kill you” and other odd things.
Officers arrived and found a guard suffering from multiple stab wounds.

“It’s alleged the woman tried to force her way into the consulate while armed with a three-inch box cutter,” said Sidhu, who added she rushed through the body scanner at the front entrance prompting a guard to react.

As the guard grabbed the woman, she allegedly slashed his throat with the razor-sharp box-cutter narrowly missing a major artery, sources say.

“He managed to avoid serious injury,” Sidhu said, adding the guard’s arm was also sliced before the woman was subdued.

Yeah, that would do it.

The article goes on to detail Erstikaitis' long and sordid history of legal problems, arrests, and her dangerous offender designation which Paulie suggested was COMPLETELY unjustifiable.


Paulie might be pleased though (or saddened) to learn that her association with him and White Nationalists was not included in her biography

Last we actually saw Erstikaitis was at the Doug Christie Memorial in Toronto where she was photographed between Malcolm Ross and Marc Lemire....