21 October 2017

October 21, 2017: Toronto Anti-Government Protest and Counter-Protest Updates

Today is Ronny Cameron's big (remains to be seen) "Trudeau Must Go" rally which also serves as a cover for an anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rally. Hate groups such as the Northern Guard from Ottawa and Quebec are on their way to attend and will arrive at around 2:30 (half an hour after the event starts):

Hmmm, I thought according to these people that only, "antifa cowards" wore masks. 


Isn't it cute how Myatt likes to play soldier while still in his mid 20s?

There is a planned counter rally opposing these groups.

As of this moment (2:26 Central Time), and numbers may very well change, there are around 15 - 20 fascist supporters surrounded by 175 counter protesters. Seems like there may have been a scuffle and one arrest.

ARC will do our (yep, I can say "our" again) best to provide information as it becomes available.

UPDATE 1: While Ronny is currently live videoing the event from his perspective, this is the reaction from at least one individual.

He's also claiming that they are "winning" because they are showing how brave they are to be standing up to a larger group all the while complaining to the police about the counter protesters.

By the way, the fascist side is chanting the following at the counter protesters:
You can't run. You can't ride. You get a helicopter ride.

You know, because they totally aren't fascists.

In an earlier, briefer, live video update, Ronny appeared pretty salty about people not showing up:


Currently there appear to be a handful of Son's of Odin, Proud Boys, III%ers, and assorted bigots.

UPDATE 2: Well, it seems Myatt, Massaad, and the small contingent of Northern Guard members have joined the party.



UPDATE 3: Ronny having a hissy fit that Ron Banerjee might be showing up. Warning Northern Guard member that he might be showing up for.... reasons:

Ronny letting Northern Guard member that Banerjee is not permitted to come.
UPDATE 4: The numbers have evened out it seems. Though the fascist are still outnumbered, they are sitting at maybe 150. The counter protesters are about 200. Massaad interviewing people who talk about counter protesters not being informed and that they are, "faggots."

By the way, while Ronny continues to complain about counter protesters who, "don't realize this is an anti-Trudeau rally" it seems he did a poor job of communicating to his supporters that they need to hide their agenda a bit better:

Again, I thought only "cowardly antifa" wore masks?
Well it's sure a good thing these people oppose the injection of religion into politics, amirite?

UPDATE 5: Things seem to be winding down as of 5:00 pm.

UPDATE 6: And at 5:18 pm, this is where the crowd was at....

.... and 8 minutes after that:

I'll write a more detailed summary later, but for now it looks like the anti-racists at the height of their numbers was in the 175-200 range while the fascists were around 150 at their height.

Massaad posted a video of the fascist side leaving the area which provides a decent look at some of their numbers:


Cameron posted a live video feed. I may eventually publish it, however in the mean time here are a few of the comments which range from the usual "George Soros pays antifa" to calls to commit acts of violence:

I'll finish this up with some links from the msn:

20 October 2017

Ronny Cameron's October 21 Rally Polarizes Toronto Far Right

Islamophobe and "I-can't-be-racist-because-some-of-my-best-friends-are-Black" bigot Ronny Cameron has been promoting himself as a leader of men for some time now, however he hasn't really done much himself other than bother people at progressive events by engaging in poorly argued "gotcha" interviews with attendees after which he declares himself the winner. Most of the time the people he's interviewing let him natter on and then leave him to bask in his own sense of self-importance, a little befuddled and somewhat bemused by the odd figure who accosted them.

Tomorrow though will be Ronny's first significant attempt to show that he is a person to be taken seriously by the fringe movement he wishes to be a player in:


Since there will be a counter rally, some in the media has expressed concern about the possibility of violence, however it should be noted that only one side is really looking forward to such encounters:

She seems nice.

Thus far a little over 130 people claim they will be attending the "Trudeau Must Go" anti-government rally in Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday, though I can't help noticing that some are from places such as British Columbia and New Brunswick which suggests their presence might be more inspirt than in person. There are also several 100 who claim to be interested in attending. Those groups who plan on attending include the Northern Guard, Soldiers of Odin, Canadian Combat Coalition, and members of the Proud Boys:

The video posted by Steven Alexander Harald Helga Hildegard Helmut Holdine Hedwig Heidrun Gregory Myatt featuring Georges Massaad as well as Eric Brazeau of the Northern Guard goes on for some time and includes plans for a new council of patriots called the Order which TOTALLY doesn't sound like a fascist wet dream at all. But for all the talk of unity, they can't help themselves from throwing shade on other groups.

Toronto resident misanthrope Ron Banerjee seems less than pleased:

19 October 2017

Guest Article: What’s Going on in Québec? (Part 1)

As we saw on September 30, many far-right groups across Canada tried to rally against “illegal” immigration but ended up gathering only a handful of protesters, largely outnumbered by anti-racist activists. Everywhere except in Québec. In Québec, the groups gathered at Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, at the border between Canada and the US, and managed to attract over 200 people protesting the influx of immigrants that had come to Canada over the past months. There were around the same number of counter-protesters and also a large police presence there, and the organizing group, Storm Alliance, considered the Québec rally a big success, which was not the case in the rest of Canada.

Most of the groups active today started in late 2015, following the Syrian civil war and subsequent refugee crisis in the Western world. Some of them are chapters of other groups, like the Soldiers of Odin and PEGIDA, but most of the big groups of the moment were founded in Québec, starting with La Meute:

La Meute (French for Wolf Pack) first started as a Facebook-based group created by Éric “Corvus”
Venne and Patrick “Ptrk” Beaudry, two Canadian army veterans:

The bulk of their activism is anti-Muslim as they are afraid of Canada and Québec in particular becoming “like France,” which they see as having been taken over by “Islamists.” They are managed in a militarized way, with different ranks having different colour wolf paws on their Facebook profile photos and with 17 different sub-groups, or Clans (lol), one for each administrative region of Québec. They also have an English section (formerly managed by Shawn Beauvais-MacDonald, of Charlottesville fame) as well as a France chapter. They started having rallies in the spring of 2017, when they gathered in Montreal against M-103. They believe that the anti-fascists who come to oppose them are pro-government and pro-Sharia because they can’t fathom being against Islamophobia and against authoritarian governments at the same time. They rallied again on August 20 in Québec City, where they gathered in an underground parking lot that was surrounded by anti-protesters. They had to wait for hours for the opposition to leave so they could walk silently around the block for a while. They still claimed the moral victory (which the media also gave to them) because they didn’t break anything or hit anyone, unlike “antifa” who had to run around and organize against police and actual Nazis protecting the perimeter:

They have also been known for organizing against a small town’s proposal of a Muslim cemetery, to harass government employees to try to get the right to wear their Meute hat on their RAMQ card’s photo, to joke about killing MPs, and various other things. They claim to have 60, 000 members but they count members from the general Facebook group plus all the small regional groups together even though there are clearly duplicates (even better, the administrators are in every group, so this is clearly an inflated number).

Since the beginning of September, La Meute has been plagued by a lot of internal infighting. Corvus had already left some months prior, and then Stéphane Roch, Sylvain “Maikan” Brouillette and some others changed the passwords, kicked Beaudry out and formed a for-profit company called Nous sommes la meute (we are La Meute). They were angry at Ptrk for using his personal company to sell their merch and for the money not being accounted for. Some members remained loyal to the former leader and we also saw members move on to another group with the same values, Storm Alliance.

Storm Alliance was created by Dave “Treg” Tregget, former Soldier of Odin Québec leader, and
fellow “patriot” Colin O’Leary from New-Brunswick:

They are also divided by regions, with presidents and vice-presidents but they try to have a better public image than La Meute by saying they stand for Canadian values and the Charter of Rights, instead of against Islam. They organized 2 events at the Québec-US border, one on July 1 and one on September 30, against refugees. They were hoping for a coast-to-coast rally all over the border in most provinces, but as you know, it only really worked in Québec. La Meute was also part of that last rally, even though there had been some beef between the two groups in the past months. Storm Alliance also invited themselves to an environmental rally in Québec City in an effort to become more mainstream (no one seemed to care about the cause, they just wanted to clash with "antifa"):

After telling his members that it was cancelled, Treg went with only a few select SA members that he calls DFSA for Defense Force Storm Alliance and/or Don't Fuck with Storm Alliance. They stayed on the margin of the march, with their SA clothes covered, and then went to a restaurant and took a photo together, wondering where the "antifa" even were:

Now they are planning a rally in Québec City together on November to protest the government commission on systemic racism:

18 October 2017

Paul Fromm to Speak Before Ontario MPPs

On Thursday, a committee studying Bill 163 (An Act to enact the Safe Access to Abortion Services Act, 2017 and to amend the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in relation to abortion services) will be meeting. A number of stakeholders will be appearing before committee members, including one familiar to the folks who read this blog:

Neo-Nazi would be an accurate description even based on what he finds funny:

Yeah, hilarious.

More importantly though are the people and ideologies whom he associates with: