24 May 2015

Your Ward News Being Investigated

When you publish articles on a blog such as this and cover the content that we do, you walk a fine line. You try to expose violent racist and make the public aware of the potential dangers of organized racist groups. You have a little fun pointing out how ridiculous the individuals are who exist in this subculture, and we've been pretty good at ridicule. However, you try not to give them more publicity than they warrant since many of them thrive on the attention.

If truth be told, we've often failed to be as conscientious as we probably should have been and knowing our tendency, we'll likely continue to fall short.

That being noted, we had been following "Your Ward News" out of Toronto ever since Michelle Erstikaitis began her involvement with the publication. Prior to Erstikaitis, "Your Ward News" seems to have been primarily a vehicle for attacking Toronto City Council members as well as being a big supporter of Rob Ford. It was, and still is, distributed freely to homes in the Beaches area of Toronto and claims a circulation of 50,000.

Things started to change somewhat with the arrival of Erstikaitis who continues to write for the publication despite her current involuntary stay in one of Canada's finer federal women's institutions. During the last municipal election, Erstikaitis and "Your Ward News" endorsed the following candidates in both Toronto and Mississauga:
  1. Paul Fromm. Not a surprise as she has a weird relationship going back with him a number of years now that even boneheads don't seem to get.
  2. Christopher Brosky. Convicted murderer who spent close to two decades in a Texas prison and who was later deported to Canada. Erstikaitis once suggested she and Brosky had dated.
  3. James Sears

The last name was one were not familiar with, though it seems that "Dimitri the Lover" was a fringe personality of minor notoriety in Toronto.

Yeah, creepy. And if you believe this guy, he actually had at least one "student" though we can't imagine "Pavel" was any more successful than "Dimitri" would have been.

Since the municipal election, Sears has decided to go full fascist and antisemitic. He's created an unregistered political party (the New Constitution Party) which consists mainly of himself and perhaps a few of other misanthropes.

19 May 2015

Hi Folks. Miss Me?

I know a few people did. Hell, even Jeff Goodall sent his warm regards.

Long story short, extended hospital stays suck. The food is flavorless. The beds are too narrow. The boredom is mind-numbing.

On the other hand, the drug cocktail in the IV drip had it's moments. There were moments where I felt at one with the universe, like the time I thought I was in a deep, meaningful, conversation with a ground squirrel spirit guide, though it turns out I was just yelling at a vase filled with daisies and daffodils. The nurses reduced the amount of morphine soon after.

It does look like one of the other Collective members tried to hold down the fort while this writer was on her unexpected sabbatical, at least for a time. However more important things like life often get in the way and no one can be faulted for that.

We will however try to get back to more regular updating. It's not as if things haven't been happening. The folks on Stormfront are becoming increasingly frisky. Your Ward News, an misanthropic little rag at best of times, has gone full fascist right down the the armbands (Kinsella and BCL have been covering that file here, here, and here). Some Southern Ontario Skinhead members and former members have been acting stupid.... again.

But first, a thank you is in order.

27 April 2015

Winnicki Donates to Free Dominion's Warman Appeal: Part III

Well, talk about trying to have your cake and eat it too.

The past two articles posted too the blog have looked at the efforts of the owners of Free Dominion to crowd source their efforts in appealing the Warman judgement. More specifically, our focus was on one particular benefactor:

In our first article we wondered if the fine folks at Free Dominion were aware of who Tomasz Winnicki was and, if made aware, if they would keep the money of a virulent and unapologetic racist and anti-Semite. The second article which dealt with Winnicki's response appeared to have answered these questions, at least in part:

Now there was a possibility that, despite our helpful hint sent through twitter, that the Fourniers were still not aware of who Winnicki was after thanking him for his generous donation (if one were to believe it was Connie who had sent him thanks). It seems though now that they are aware of who Winnicki is and have made a change on the GoFundMe page.

Oh, they haven't returned the money if that, dear reader, is what you're thinking. They've just decided to hide this rather embarrassing fact. Here again is how Tommie's donation appeared on the page before....

.... and here is how it appeared earlier today:

24 April 2015

Winnicki Donates to Free Dominion's Warman Appeal: Part II

There are a few things in life that are predictable.

Death. Taxes. And Tomasz Winnicki will respond to a blog post in which he is explicitly referred to.

A few days ago we had noted that Winnicki had made a donation to the Fourniers' legal fund established to appeal the defamation suit they had lost. As a result of having been found to have defamed Richard Warman, the Fourniers/Free Dominion and two other posters were assessed a considerable penalty. We mentioned that the Fourniers had yet to repudiate the donation at that time, though we suggested we would give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they hadn't heard of Tom Winnicki (though he did post on their forum occasionally if memory serves; he may or may not have been banned) or perhaps they had not yet noticed his contribution. Certainly they wouldn't take money from someone like Tomasz Winnicki if they knew better, would they?

Though we did send a link to the article to the Fourniers via twitter, we didn't expect to hear from them regarding the matter. We were sure that we would eventually hear from Tommy.

And we did hear from him.

The first one in response to a comment Winnicki made regarding his belief that it should be perfectly fine for underage children to engage in sexting and for any accompanying harassment that might follow isn't exactly germane to his contributions to the Free Dominion legal fund, but it does say a great deal about a man who still lives at home with his elderly mother and who will be turning 40 in November. But he soon does get to the main point:

20 April 2015

Winnicki Donates to Free Dominion's Warman Appeal

Looks like London's biggest hater (his own words, by the way) has warm and fuzzy feelings for Free Dominion. Or more likely vitriolic and caustic feelings towards the people Free Dominion isn't fond of. With him it's more likely the former than the latter.

Not long ago, the folks at Free Dominion opened up for business again on a more limited basis, however they soon launched a fundraising effort to appeal the Warman defamation suit that went to horribly against them.

Now, to be fair, the content of Free Dominion hasn't been as bat-fucking-insane as it had been in the past (relatively speaking of course) perhaps due to certain former regulars no longer posting on the forum. <coughchoughedkennedycough>

And, much to our surprise, we at ARC even found ourselves agreeing with their position on Bill C-51.

We figured that maybe, at least in the short to mid term, they had learned the value of moderation.

And then one of our readers tipped us off to this:

Uhm, who donated $200 to Free Dominion's appeal?

Oh dear.

19 April 2015

London, UK Nazis' Canadian Content and Topham News

Continuing technology issues seem to have been thwarting our regular writer so I'm going to step in to provide much delayed content.

On April 11, an innocuous sounding conference called the London Forum was held at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, UK, but looking at the speakers left one with an impression best summed up by the great actor Sir Alec Guinness:

Yep, Nazis. Or Nazi supporters and Holocaust deniers. Really, is there a need to make a distinction?

And among this group of the infamous and reviled, two Canadians showed up to speak. We're sure you will be shocked [SPOILER: You will not be shocked] that one of those speaker's was Paulie:

9 April 2015

Seven Days Left in Dr. Dawg Fundraiser

On March 18 we learned that Richard Warman and others started an Indiegogo campaign to help John Baglow pay legal bills resulting from his libel suit against Free Dominion and one of the posters there. As John has been a good friend of ARC over the years, we decided to promote the campaign as well as make our own contribution.

As such, with seven days remaining in the campaign we want to remind our readers that they can still donate here:

To sweeten the deal a bit more, the organizers also organized an auction:

The legal-bill Dawgtion ain’t over, but here are the lots that have been put up so far, with their URLs. Bidding will close for all items on April 15.

And “lots” more still to come!

Now our post promoting the campaign attracted one of the lead writers most persistent suitors (I'm sorry, Tommy, despite your continued efforts to charm me, you're just not my type) who decided to briefly make himself an issue for Dr. Dawg, though John wisely banned him from posting further comments. But Tom did post the following missive on VNN that caught our attention:

Why the ladies aren't knocking down Tommy's door remains a mystery.

But we wonder Tom. You had to pay.... what? Was it $100,000 in legal expenses? At least that's the amount was claimed by your supporters. That's a lot of money. We bet that it would have been really helpful had someone liked you enough to assist in paying off that debt.

Did anyone help you? Anyone? Did Paul Fromm help you? He certainly attempted to raise funds for CAFE using your particular case. How much of that money did you see yourself?

We just figure that Tom is a little jealous of Mr. Baglow and is lashing out like a child would. People like John enough to set up a campaign and raise money on hid behalf. We're not even sure the same would ever be the case for Tom as even his fellow London haters really don't care for him.

It's sort of sad.

With this in mind, we urge our readers once again to contribute to the campaign to help Dr. Dawg pay his legal expenses.

Do it, because Tom Winnicki would really, really, hate it if you did. 

5 April 2015

Paul Fromm's Huge Ego and Woman Woes

Right now Paulie is currently visiting all his close friends at KKK leader Tom Robb's "Faith and Freedom" Conference in Arkansas. There, Paulie and the other giants of the, "white nationalist" movement are speaking on the issues close to their black little hearts.

Oh, and we know they are giants of the wn movement because that's how Paulie describes them as well as himself:

Now if there's one thing Paulie isn't known for it's his modesty. Really, it takes some real chutzpah to write in the third person an article in which you feature yourself and declare yourself among the greats of the contemporary wn movement, though to be fair that has always been a rather limited pool of applicants. So, who are these other, "giants" Paulie writes of in addition to himself?

Right. Like we noted a moment ago, it's a very limited pool.

29 March 2015

Montreal Pegida March Didn't Go So Well.

When Pegida began to organize in Montreal, we began to keep an eye on what was happening. Unfortunately Quebec remains a bit of a problem area for us in that we have no active ARC members in the province and all the members we do have are hopelessly unilingual.

We did notice though that Pegida announced that it was going to hold a March in Montreal on March 28. The usual suspects on Stormfront were giddy with excitement in the lead up to the event:

Ron Banerjee, our favorite little misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic, organization of one chimed in to state that he.... er.... we mean Canadian Hindu Advocacy would also be in attendance in the most charming way a lonely shut-in knows how:

Well Ron, that's a bit of a problematic claim considering there wasn't a march:

23 March 2015

Remember Your Name: A New Writing Project By Elisa Hategan

Elisa Hategan has been a friend of ARC for a number of years now. She is an incredibly brave woman and an engaging writer. We promoted  Race Traitor: The True Story of Canadian Intelligence Service's Greatest Cover-Up when that book was published and we consider it to be a must read for anyone interested in the history of the Heritage Front, but more importantly as a cautionary tale concerning the dangers of the unchecked powers of government agencies (given the growing concerns about Bill C-51, this is an even more pressing issue).

Ms. Hategan is now working on her next book, a memoir, and she is crowd sourcing funding for the project.

We all have our own story, but that story doesn't belong to us: it’s the story of the hometown we came from, the people who gave birth to us and the people who came before them; the kids we went to school with, the neighbors across the road. It’s the story of every individual who came into our path, who added their own presence, experience, emotions, light and darkness to the universe that became our own.