19 October 2014


So, we received an email at the ARC email account today. Given the subsequent emails we have received it appears we are not the only ones who received it. That email contained some photographs and a message.

We're going to get some legal advice regarding whether or not we can post the photos here. One way or another, we have to suspect that Paulie is having a really, really, really, bad day.

This is NOT Paul Fromm's Wife! 
Paul Fromm is an adulterer 
Adulterers be DAMNED! 

"But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” - Rev. 21:8

UPDATE: We still need to see if we can publish the photos (we don't know their provenience) but we figured we would describe them since our readers should squirm with discomfort as much as we did.

Imagine Fromm in what appears to be a skimpy leather brief with a zipper in front standing next to a woman (not his wife) wearing an ill-fitting and very skimpy front thong. She is also wearing a necklace with a swastika pendant.

That is one of the photos. The second is pretty much more of the same.

18 October 2014

Nosferatu200 Will Be Back Soon

While it has been fun being the regular writer for the blog, I always knew my tenure was to have been brief. Soon I will revert to merely providing the occasional article which might be a welcome relief to some of the regular readers.

It seems that Nosferatu200 has complete her final leg of retracing the Silk Road from Xiang to Kashgar and will be returning in the next few days.

Things I've learned as a regular writer?

1. I'm not as funny as I thought I was.
2. Writing regularly is hard, especially when one has the attention span of a fruit fly (what I'm saying it I occasionally become detracted by shiny objects and multi-colored lights).

I've been told by Nos that despite her absence, she has been collecting information which will find it's way to the blog soon. 

16 October 2014

Elisa Hategan's Race Traitor: Now Out In Paperback

Those who did not have a KOBO or Kindle and were not able to purchase Elisa Hategan's Race Traitor or those who would rather own a physical copy of the book now have the opportunity to purchase the paperback edition of the book:

We wrote about the book in March when Ms. Hategan first published the digital editions for KOBO and Kindle. All the members of the Collective have read it and very highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about the history of the racist movement in Canada during the early 1990s, however more importantly the books is incredibly relevant in an era where the governments in ostensibly free and democratic nations have been caught spying on their own citizens. While set in the 90s, Race Traitor perhaps has as much to tell us about our future as it does the past.

13 October 2014

October 2014 Bits and Bites: Thanksgiving Edition

As today is a day where people will be getting together to spend time with their loved ones, we thought we would give some attention to those bonehead, who will be spending this day alone, perhaps eating a can of corned beef over the sink while blaming the Jews for their social isolation.

Our first lonely shut-in is Tomasz Winnicki of London who has been mentioned on a number of occasions on this blog.Truth be told, we think he likes the attention since he frequently tries to get our attention. His efforts are usually for naught and that sort of frustrates him a little bit, however we do throw him a bone sometimes. For example, here is one of his comments concerning our posts on the Southern Ontario "Skinheads":

Yeah, in case it's unclear Tomasz is suggesting that he is the worthy opponent we should be engaging. Have we mentioned that he has a very high opinion of his intellect?

Okay, will give you a shot Tom. Call it an audition for the position of our foil. We'll take a look at one of the comments you made on "The London Free Press" concerning the recent election in Sweden to determine if you are a worthy opponent:

10 October 2014

Terry Tremaine Now Serving Contempt Sentence

As one of our readers pointed out, Terry Tremaine isn't serving time because of hate speech posted online. He's serving time for contempt, something our friend and frequent, frustrated, reader Tomasz Winnicki is himself intimately aware of.

That fact hasn't stopped Fromm from engaging in a bit of online histrionics:

Uh, no Andrew Heck. All Canadians don't eventually end up in jail. Thanks for playing though.

One thing we find a little curious though is the date in which Tremaine was locked up:

You mean to tell us that Fromm, he who claims to speak for poor, maligned, boneheads, that he couldn't be bothered to update his followers on Terry Tremaine's status for almost 2 weeks?

Well, Fromm is a busy man. We're sure that he had more important things that he was preoccupied with at the time:

7 October 2014

Your Paul Fromm Mayoral Election Banner Choices

We apologize for not posting this update sooner. On September 28, we began a contest to see who could come up with the best banner for Paulie's campaign for mayor. Top prize is $50.00.

And here now are your choices:






Voting will commence immediately and will continue until midnight on October 28. 

4 October 2014

National Policy Institute Conference Shut Down in Budapest: Paulie Squeals Angrily

Racist groups that try to present themselves as more than bonehead thugs like to give themselves what they consider to be respectable names. The National Policy Institute (NPI) is one such group of
boneheads in suits, though the NPI are a little more ambitious than most. For example, this month the NPI organized a conference in Budapest, Hungary. Given the growing influence of Jobbik and the increasing attacks on Roma and Jewish Hungarians, perhaps it made sense for the organizers of the event to choose the Hungarian capital. Certainly, it seems that Jobbik were happy to see the arrival of mostly American white nationalists, as well as Canada's own Paul Fromm. The Hungarian government, however, decided that they really didn't want a bunch of racist foreign nationals entering their country and banned the conference (though the racist political party Jobbik insisted the NPI wasn't racist, so there's that for an endorsement).

Considering a position of the NPI is that foreign nationals from non-European nations should not be permitted to enter Europe or North America, the director of the organization Richard Spencer grudgingly accepted the decision of the Hungarian government and, as a foreign national himself, decided to call off the conference and his own flight to the country.

Right? Because it would be pretty hypocritical if he decided that he, a foreign national, would try to enter a country where he and his group was not welcome.

Yeah, you know where this is going.

Long story short not before the conference began Hungarian police arrived and shut things down, detaining a number of the white nationalist attendees as well.

But like a greased little piggy, Paulie seemed to have slipped through the dragnet:

28 September 2014

How Is Paulie's Campaign Going? Also, A Contest With Real Cash Prize

In one month, Paulie will go down in flames (again) after another election. Then again, winning the election isn't really why Paulie is running:

Yes, yes, we are indeed a cynical lot. But if Paulie can be considered to be good at anything, it is shamelessly promoting himself to his suckers.... er.... I mean donors. 

A recent publicity stunt certainly suggests the only thing he is serious about is convincing those who still follow him (and it seems to be a shrinking number here in Canada) that he stands an actual chance of winning and thus needs their financial backing. Here he is with the Canadian leader of the violent creativity movement Wes Smith:

Busy Weekend on Campaign Trail -- Mayor of Mississauga 

This was a busy weekend on the campaign trail with extensive literature distribution in many parts of Mississauga. Here we unveil my sharp election banner to inform motorists coming of the QEW gridlock into Port Credit that Paul Fromm is "the motorists' friend."

Hold on there sparky. Mayor of Mississauga? Might be getting a bit ahead of yourself.

I can't help observe two things. First, the traffic. Where is it? Really, it doesn't seem to be so bad.

But assuming traffic is as bad as Paulie claims it to be, we aren't sure someone touting himself as, "the motorist's friend" should be displaying a banner that would inevitably distract said motorists and perhaps result in an accident.

But really, we all knew this already.

The main purpose of this post is to allow our readers to participate in making fun of Paulie:

Oh yes. We certainly couldn't pass of this blank canvas.

As in 2010, we are offering a cash prize to the person who can create the funniest slogan for Pauie's banner. As I am not as affluent at the person who offered the prize the last time, I can only offer $50.00, but it is $50.00 you don't currently have so don't be picky.

Now, I am not as witty (or funny) as Nosferatu, but I did create a few examples to help stoke the creativity of our readers:

22 September 2014

Brandon Martinez Schooled on Paulie's Facebook Wall

Our resident vampire has taken an extended vacation but should be back in October or early November. In the meantime you'll have to put up with more of me and any of the other members of the Collective who contribute during nosferatu's absence.

We first learned about "journalist" Brandon Martinez (who we've taken to lovingly refer to as Turd Blossom) this past February but didn't really pay all that much attention. Mr. Martinez has contributed to such august online journals as "Veterans Today" and "Veterans News Now" as well as Press TV out of Iran. The former two online publications are rife with conspiracy theories (many involving 9/11 and the involvement of Israel and/or Jews in general) and Holocaust denial. And Press TV, when looking for an international perspective on world events, believe that David Duke and Mike Harris are reasonable choices.

It then might not be surprising that Brandon Martinez also holds a similar world view of a world controlled by a vast Jewish cabal, as evidenced in most of his own writing:

  • Feb­ru­ary 16, 2014: In an arti­cle titled “Scru­ti­niz­ing Israel role in 2001 anthrax attacks,” Mar­tinez claims that the anthrax attacks imme­di­ately fol­low­ing the 9/11 ter­ror­ist bomb­ings orig­i­nated from Israel’s bio­log­i­cal and chem­i­cal indus­try, and implied the exis­tence of a nefar­i­ous col­lab­o­ra­tion between the Israel and the Bush admin­is­tra­tion to carry out the attacks. Mar­tinez also claims that the Israelis placed the blame for the anthrax attacks on its Arab ene­mies as a pre­text to force the U.S. to go to war against Iraq 
  • Jan­u­ary 26, 2014: In an arti­cle titled “Israeli mil­i­tarism pred­i­cated on 9/11 decep­tion,” Mar­tinez claims that Israel has a his­tory of con­duct­ing false flag oper­a­tions and that the 9/11 attack was Israel’s “grand­est deception. 
  • Jan­u­ary 13, 2014: In an arti­cle titled “Zion­ist per­ver­sion of his­tory threat­ens world peace,” Mar­tinez pro­motes the age-old anti-Semitic con­spir­acy of Zion­ist con­trol over Hol­ly­wood. Zion­ist con­trol of Hol­ly­wood, Mar­tinez alleges, is why Hitler is depicted as a “vil­lain­ous demon,” while in real­ity, “Zion­ist Jews them­selves were Hitler’s most enthu­si­as­tic col­lab­o­ra­tors.” Else­where in the arti­cle, Mar­tinez calls the Holo­caust and the num­ber of Jew­ish vic­tims a “myth” and part of “Zion­ist propaganda.”

More recently, Martinez  has come under the influence of our favorite potential porcine politician Paulie (okay, he doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning in October, but I had a "p" thing going and wanted to see how far I could go with it). Not only are the Jews responsible for 9/11 and most other nefarious international plots, but they are also responsible for trying to keep the white man down here on the home front:

By the way, Joshua Blakeney is another Canadian "journalist" who writes for "Veterans Today" and serves as a correspondent for Press TV. He's also quite a charmer.

Now Mr. Martinez, who has a very smug estimation of his own intellect, likely never expected that he would be challenged on Paulie's own Facebook page.

But challenged he was. And for those who appreciate a good, intellectual, beat-down, I hope you enjoy the show:

17 September 2014

September 2014 Bits and Bites: Ontartio Civic Elections Edition

On September 15 we wrote about Paulie's latest quixotic effort to achieve electoral office and noted that he has received an endorsement from the august leader of one of the numerous KKK factions in the United States, Tom Robb:

To get an idea of how pleasant a fellow Tommy Robb is, we provide these additional images:

Now, a normal politician might shy away from a character like Robb but Paulie, of whom there is little that is normal, happily accepted the Klan kudos: