27 February 2011

Canadian Boneheads: International Edition

Well edition sounds a bit grandiose. More like one bonehead who managed to get himself into trouble by acting like a bonehead overseas:

Hitlergruß vor dem Reichstag - Festnahme!

Vor dem Reichstag in Berlin ist am Samstag ein Tourist aus Kanada festgenommen worden - weil er den Hitlergruß machte!

Gegen den 30-jährigen aus der Provinz Quebec wurden Ermittlungen wegen des Verwendens von Kennzeichen verfassungswidriger Symbole eingeleitet, teilte die Polizei mit
Zeugen hatten demnach beobachtet, wie der Mann für ein Foto auf dem Platz der Republik vor dem

Parlamentsgebäude den verbotenen nationalsozialistische Gruß zeigte. Die Kamera mit der strafbaren Aufnahme wurde beschlagnahmt.

A reader who sent this to us kindly translated the brief article:

26 February 2011

Guess Who Is Out Of Jail Now

Hot on the heels of news that Kyle McKee had once again been jailed, we learned that another one of our favorite subjects had been released after serving his sentence:

Richard "Lurch" Martin
, who plead guilty when the case went before the judge, was released a few days ago after serving 9 months for ethnic intimidation:

24 February 2011

Paul Fromm Goes to Bat For.... Michelle Erstikaitis???: Part V

Well, he certainly is persistent in his efforts to present Ms. Erstikaitis as a "White Nationalist" martyr for the cause. Here Paulie laments the terrible suffering that Michelle is being subjected to during her incarceration:

Okay, let's break this down a bit, shall we?

The MSM Covers McKee Court Appearance

While we beat them to the original story, this account includes additional information we were not yet aware of:

Attempted murder charges dropped last year

A self-professed white supremacist, who had two attempted murder charges dropped last May in connection with a homemade bomb being planted outside a northeast condo, is back in jail.

Kyle Robert McKee, 25, an alleged member of the Aryan Guard, was in court on Wednesday to face four charges, including assault, uttering death threats, possession of a weapon dangerous to the public and being disguised while committing an indictable offence.

22 February 2011

New Link Added to Select Bibliography

"Fitna" as criminal hate propaganda.

Sure to get the usual suspects riled, we're sure.

McKee to Enter a Plea on Wednesday

Okay, we were less fun and more serious with this one (sent it to our friends at the One People's Project for inclusion on their website). Hey, we can do classy too!

Kyle McKee, leader of the racist gang formerly known as the Aryan Guard, is currently jail facing charges stemming from threats made against Jason Devine, spokesperson for ARA Calgary. Jason recounts the incident in his own words:

As we passed the Paradise Lanes bowling alley I looked to my right and saw Kyle's truck slowly driving by. A person with a black jacket and a black ski mask was in the passenger side and the driver was dressed the same (the ski masks looked just like the ones worn in the home invasion). The passenger was holding a brown bat and tapping in on his door. The truck sped up and stopped at the corner blocking us from crossing over or turning without going right by it.

19 February 2011

Fun With Photoshop

We really, really, really want to take credit for this, but it was sent by a reader and refers to our previous article reporting Kyle McKee's arrest.

We did feel the need to share it though, because it's funny and because it is emblematic of our level of maturity anyways.

18 February 2011

Kyle McKee Is In Jail

First, there's a story on the bonehead assaults in Edmonton on CBC. Nothing new really, as it covers everything we had learned earlier. However, the good news we wanted to share but which we had alluded to in our last article before discussing the Edmonton assault is that Kyle McKee is in jail.

McKee was picked up a few days ago and has been behind bars since his arrest. We assume that his incarceration is in large part as result of the threats made against Devine, but perhaps there's more to it than even that.

McKee's bail hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

Time will tell what this will mean for March 19 when Blood & Honour (Aryan Guard) was planning on organizing a rally in Calgary. We're not sure the city needs or wants another black eye that the last march in 2009 resulted in.

16 February 2011

Two Assaults Perhaps Linked to Boneheads in Edmonton

First, there is a rumour going around that, if true, is going to make a lot of people very happy. We won't publish more on that though until and unless we get some confirmations.

Two separate assaults on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton are suspected of being linked to neo-Nazis in the city this past weekend. Int he first case, a woman was punched in the face near the corner of 104 St. and Whyte Ave. She had come to the aid of a friend who was being harassed by a group of males. The Edmonton Hate Crimes Unit have described the men as, "possible skinheads" though the term isn't really accurate (we won't go into the details, but the our readers might want to look into S.H.A.R.P. or trad skins to understand what we mean). This is likely based on appearance, but also because of the racial language being used during the harassment and subsequent assault. A 30 year old male was arrested and charged with assault using a weapon in this incident. The second assault occurred near the Strathcona Hotel. There are two other persons of interest being sought by the police.

15 February 2011

February 2011 Bits and Bites: Paulie Edition

We all know that Paulie has a "unique" fashion sense that he likes to share with his friends. This, combined with his creepy, "come hither" look he gives the camera, is inevitably awkward and sort of uncomfortable.

Now we get to see all that, sans glasses:

Ill-fitting jacket? Check.

Pants that looks like his ass is in the front? Check again.

Douchy, "how YOU do'n?" stare? You gotta believe that's a check.

But without his glasses? Ladies and gentlemen, Paulie has manage to achieve something we didn't think possible. He makes this look good by comparison.

Paulie is especially proud of what we must assume his his new jacket, using it as the image for no fewer than two articles posted on his Facebook profile. The first deals with the continuing tragedy in Haiti which he perpetuates the canard of low Haitian intelligence as a reason for a devastated infrastructure (funny, we thought that it had something to do with a natural disaster coupled with corruption in concert with poverty and historic meddling by outside forces, but what do we know?):

13 February 2011

March 19 Related News

Last night we received an email concerning Jason Devine. Seems that while he, his wife and a friend were out flyering yesterday, Kyle McKee drove by and threatened him. An excerpt of his encounter is included:

As we passed the Paradise Lanes bowling alley I looked to my right and saw Kyle's truck slowly driving by. A person with a black jacket and a black ski mask was in the passenger side and the driver was dressed the same (the ski masks looked just like the ones worn in the home invasion). The passenger was holding a brown bat and tapping in on his door. The truck sped up and stopped at the corner blocking us from crossing over or turning without going right by it.

Then the one with the bat yelled "Hey Jason, what's going on? What are you doing?" I could tell by the voice it was Kyle and he was staring intently at me the whole time and visibly angry. I had seen a man in a jeep a few feet behind us so I turned and started to sprint towards him in order to tell him to phone the police as some shit was probably going to happen. However, before I reached him I noticed that the door to Kyle's truck had not opened or closed, so I thought maybe was wasn't going to get out (though the fact he was doing this shit in day light, ski-mask, bat, his OWN truck, had me a bit spooked, like "he's crazy!").

I turned back and walked towards the truck keeping my distance. Kyle then asked "Do you want to say hello or goodnight?" I replied "What?" And he said the same question again, but with more vehemence, and emphasis on GOODNIGHT. He also beat the bat against the car rapidly and forcefully when he said that. He then asked "Do you want another visit? Do you want another visit at you home?" I replied no and they sped off. Jon and I saw the license plate when they drove off confirming what we already knew. Bonnie seen the truck speed away and immediately called my cell telling me she seen Kyle's truck and asking if we were ok. We quickly turned the corner, jumped in the van and sped home in case they tried anything there.

McKee might be getting more stupid as he becomes more brazen which we think will inevitably lead to a fall, however we are concerned with those who might be hurt along the way.

We're also aware that there are people from outside of Alberta who claim they plan on attending the March 19 rally. We suspect a group of ATB members on Hamilton may be coming, and the following news article suggests some individuals from B.C. might make the trip:

10 February 2011

Academic Study Dealing With Online Recruiting and European Nationalism

Last night we were playing around on Facebook when we came across the following group:

Academic Study Dealing With Online Recruiting and European Nationalism

We looked into it further and found the lead researcher. It is a legitimate study and we offered what support we could.

Now, as we know we have a number of boneheads who read our blog, and since we in the Collective have a passion for this kind of research, might we humbly suggest that our "friends" in the Movement might wish to consider making a contribution to the study.

Come on! You know you want to!

9 February 2011

Still More Neo-Nazi Infighting

Last night we were scrolling through our blog, reading old articles and reminiscing about the work we've done thus far when we came across this poignant and powerful image depicting what was then the blossoming of a beautiful friendship:

Oh, those were such heady days in the lives of Kyle McKee and Dustyn Johnson, and such an unusual friendship, what with McKee looking like Gollum and Johnson one of the orcs. But the world was, for a short time, their oyster. A rancid, sickly oyster, but a shellfish of some sort nonetheless.

But sadly, it couldn't last. Too bad. Johnson could have been Spike to McKee's Chester.

Hardy to his Laurel.

Blaster to his Master.

Now, they simply resort to sniping at each other impudently online, such as when McKee, "talks smack" (the kids still say that, right?) about Johnson on Josh Steever's Facebook profile:

5 February 2011

4 February 2011

Resolution in On Libel Action: Droid1963

We commented on this a while back, but there's now an update on the Warman libel suit:

Richard Warman is pleased to announce the resolution of his libel action against ‘Droid1963′, one of the John Doe defendants from the Freedominion website. The resolution includes an agreement to pay nominal damages and costs with all damages being donated to the Military Family Resource Centre – a charity that helps support the families of the men and women of the Canadian Forces. Mr. Warman thanks ‘Droid’ for having apologized and retracted the material in question.

1 February 2011

Split in Blood & Honour (Aryan Guard) Faction

We've been pretty quiet about Blood & Honour (Aryan Guard) for the last several weeks. They still seem to be planning a public march on March 19 of this year and are bragging about the possibility of a number of boneheads from Ontario and Quebec making the journey to attend. However, the public posturing might be masking a deep divide within the group that has resulted in yet another split.

Things appear to have reached a breaking point over the issues of drugs and a past relationship with a First Nations woman (and a child that resulted from the relationship), resulting in a final blow-up between Lee Ebel and Jessie Lajoie. The other members of the racist gang split in their support of the two men. On those who sided with Lee were Kyle McKee, Natalie S., Shannon Butt, Jordan Dowe, Mike Gaio, and Karine Raymond. On Jessie's side are John Marleau, Brent Goldring, and Courtney B.

There hasn't been any online chatter to confirm whether this all is true, however circumstantial evidence points to the strong possibility that the information we received could be factual. Our readers may remember us making fun of the B&H (AG) crew for their ill advised poster advertising a New Years eve party. Those who attended the party all belonged to the faction rumored to have sided with Lee Ebel:

Update: Comments

Our readers have likely noticed that comments have not been passed through moderation for some time. This is because there has been a glitch in the system here which has prevented us from allowing them to pass. We hope that this problem will be resolved before the weekend.