23 December 2013

Brad Galloway and Volksfront

What is the Status of Volksfront in Canada?

The question might be a bit more complicated than it would appear based on the the apparent status of Volksfront internationally.

Or it might not be complicated at all.

While reading the most recent issue of the SPLC's "Intelligence Report" regarding the apparent collapse of Volksfront in the United States in part due to this incident) and overseas, we found the following excerpt to be especially interesting:

In late 2009, Krager, [the founder of Volksfront] who is a heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialist, was hired by a civilian contractor in Afghanistan. When he departed, as shown in E-mails hacked by opponents of VF, he left the U.S. organization in the hands of Corey “Spider” Miller, VF’s security chief and Krager’s designated heir; Justin Martin, the group’s vice president; Paul Alfich, VF’s treasurer; and Brad Galloway, head of the VF Vancouver chapter in Canada. Within months, however, Alfich and Galloway were dropped from VF’s leadership core.

The hate groups in British Columbia always seemed to be a lot more discrete than their counterparts in Alberta for whom there was a certain, and quite honestly justified, loathing, so we've always had some difficulty trying to get decent intel on the membership. That said, we think we might be able to speculate as to the reasons why Galloway was dropped from the Volksfront leadership core when Krager left to work as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan.

The photograph to the left is the earliest of Brad Galloway that we have in our collection, at least regarding his involvement in organized racism. Galloway, who originally was from Toronto, was a member of an Ontario-based hate group known as the Tri-City Skins who's best known member was James Scott Richardson (Richardson, along with Alexan Kulbashian, also founded another group known by the charming name, the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team). Galloway's background at this time is a little sketchy. It was rumored that his father was involved in some way with CSIS and that he left Toronto in what has been described as, "weird circumstances." What is clear though is that he wasn't entirely trusted; members of the Hammerskins in Ontario were suspicious of him and that, according to a source, "couple heavy hitters out there wanted to hurt him badly." We aren't privy to the reasons behind the animosity towards Galloway and whether this information is accurate or not Galloway did leave the city and disappeared for a time only to pop up in British Columbia.
There had been a Volksfront chapter in BC before the arrival of Galloway which was led by Todd Conroy (though he was also known as Todd Golding). Conroy suffered a severe motorcycle accident while returning home after a visit with Terry Long and soon after appears to have stepped aside as the head of the BC chapter of Volksfront. After a time it seems that Galloway stepped in to assume the leadership of the group.

Up until 2009, Volksfront in BC appeared to be a pretty united group. Other members or associates of Volksfront included Shawn Macdonald, Vaughn Newman, Jan Korninth, Kevin Stewart ("GermBrit"), Rob de Chazal, and a number of others known and unknown:

Members of the group frequently attended gatherings in Oregon, often with Randal Krager present (the one photograph immediately above and the two immediately below were taken in 2008):


Members Volksfront were also groomsmen at Galloway's wedding.

But some time after 2009, a schism occurred resulting in some members, including Macdonald and Korinth, leaving Volksfront to form a chaper of Blood & Honour aligned with the Hammerskins. And while we don't have the details, we have been provided with some information:

The split occurred almost entirely because of Brad Galloway. He had proved to be a coward many times. He ran from a number of fights leaving his 'brothers' behind. There are so many negative stories about him. He's a terrible person. People started to see through his lies and bullshit  and that's when the split occurred. Anyone worth being around left VF and started up B&H Vancouver, which actually led VF Portland to threaten the members, but the threat wasn't taken seriously.

Around the time of the split, Krager had appointed Galloway as one of the members of the VF leadership core during his absence:

hey fellas, I will be leaving for houstan [sic] this sunday, if i pass a full physical and some more classes, approx a week later i will be leaving for the middle east for work.
it is a year contract, i wil [sic] be back every 4 months for 10 days paid leave.

---ALL---- communications from the mid-east are monitored by dept. of defense and/or cia so i will have some contact but will not be able to discuss any business, not even vaguely....

Spider, Paul, Justin, Bill with B in Canada will be handling any decisions for North America by Majority vote.

Galloway continued to be a presence in Oregon at VF gatherings during this time....

.... however months later, Galloway was dropped from the leadership core.


Our source provides us with some potential clues:

Brad was stripped of his patch and put on notice and has pretty much disappeared at this point, he's hiding out in the Fraser Valley. He ended up making statements to the police after this, not surprisingly.

When asked who it was who stripped him of his VF patch:

He was stripped of his patch by BC B&H. That also could be a reason for his loss of leadership with VF USA.

With Brad Galloway out, it looked for a moment like Volksfront in Canada might move to Alberta under the new leadership of Scott Sinclair:

Galloway also attended this event as evidenced in the photo.
Our source however was pretty dismissive of Sinclair and his abilities as a leader. The source also had some choice comments about Paulie:

Fromm came speak at a couple of B&H's early events but they found him to be a snake who made them look bad. They really wanted to do away with that element of the WP scene in Canada. They were more into drinking, fighting and making money. No one cared about speeches. Fromm wasn't respected out West.

Since the December 2010 blot pictured above, there has been little news from Volksfront. Sinclair is rumored to be in BC now and Galloway is living relatively quietly in the Fraser Valley operating an events business with his wife. And the BC branch of Blood & Hounor as led by Macdonald?

At its height B&H had a core membership of 7 guys with anywhere from 8-12 hang arounds/associates. They kept the membership numbers small and really leaned towards "quality over quantity". They kept contact with B&H Worldwide, specifically in the UK, and the [Hammerskin Nation]. The HSN does exist in BC as well as in Quebec but few know who runs it or whos in it. A lot of guys have either changed their beliefs or just disappeared....at this point the scene in Vancouver has shrunk considerably, your probably looking at less than 5 guys and that's pushing it. 

Of course B&H in BC has had their own problems (here and sadly here), though it looks like the charges against Macdonald and Miller might have been dropped.

But we aren't about to celebrate the demise of the movement in British Columbia.

We have sightings of people in Vancouver and some other cities wearing their VF patches still. And it isn't as if Volksfront hasn't gone underground before when things got ugly for them. Suffice it to say we aren't quite ready to write off Volksfront.


Anonymous said...

Not related to this article, but I thought you guys might like this article that appeared in French Vice, particularly the photo that the "Skinheads gay aryens" are using for their banner. A classic, for sure:


Anonymous said...

A lot of those guys are long gone. Jan being deceased, and rumour had it Mr Newman was a struggling with himself and came out of the closet many years back. Donnely is coping with cancer (possibly remissioned) and J Destruction left the White power scene and got married.

Galloway was always highly suspect, and yes his father did do some type of work for CSIS/RCMP in Ontario. Actaully a name I hadn't heard of in years.

Anonymous said...

I'm friends with some chick who says that her brother in law is a huge member in the bc volksfront or whatever they call themselves. His name is Andrew I won't use his last name since it is mine as well. But he travels frequently to St. Louis and Oregon and he also has gone to Australia. His girlfriend/fiancé isn't a white supremicist but follows along sad because they have 4 kids

Anonymous said...

How is his last name yours as well if its your friends brother in law?

Anonymous said...

Lol he wasnt stripped of anything by anyone. Giving fucking info to Antifa is bad enough, making lies about shit is even worse.

Anonymous said...

Have you never heard of having the same last night as someone. Is yours one of a kind and the only one?

Anonymous said...

Well if her last name was the same as the guy she is talking about then she would be related to him directly, not "friends with some chick" whos brother in law is the guy she is describing.

Anonymous said...

You forgot some people.
Brad Genno- Scarborough Hammerskin
Ryan Marshall- Scarborough Hammer
Ryan Hummel, Rich from "Kreator", Rich Vinland, Liam (BC)English pig nose Fella in above pictures.

As for Mike Gaio and Eric Sheridan, Eric is Mike's cousin and a complete tool. Midget Mike made the mistake of looking up to Eric in an older brother type of way, and he still has not become himself and realized that the "battle" they fight is pointless. Mike IS just a normal kid, who needs to find himself again and stop looking up to losers.

The first group picture you posted, the unknown male is named Matt and he has already had a machete taken to his skin, scars to prove and a tattoo which reads "better luck next time" on the wound, and likes to fly under the radar.

Vaughn Newman has vanished and its true that that he was struggling with his sexuality, and has finally come out of the closet as the other poster mentioned. Interesting to know that another person was aware of this..

There is also a sex tape/pics that were posted online with Kyle McKee and a young female. His now older gf?

Fools the lot of them, when will people realize that we all bleed the same blood..

Anonymous said...

Brad Galloway (o'neil) knocked up his wife Tiffany and everything in Volksfront fell apart so he decided to try to be normal with his wife and move away, but I don't think he has the smarts to make it anywhere, nor to make anything of himself. Fraser Valley last where abouts.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of goofs. These are the kind of white boys who come to Toronto and get stomped and ran out the city. Shoot, the different ethnic street gangs would line up to get a piece of these goofs.