Sunday, February 02, 2014

We Don't Think Creator Canada's Wes Smith or SOS Founder Max Hynes Like Us....

.... and more on "Odin TheCelt."

Some months ago, Creativity leader Wes Smith and Paul "Paulie" Fromm were featured in "This" magazine out of Toronto:

Not long after, Smith was interviewed for a friendly Creativity online magazine (which he featured on his own blog later):

Gotta love a good bromance. Max Hynes, founder and leader of the Southern Ontario Skinheads who was interviewed by Smith in January, makes this bromance a love triangle:

You know, it's pretty sad when one actually aspires to achieve Paulie's level of gravitas.

But do you know who Wes and Max have no love for?


You know, we can't think of a better compliment.

Thank you Wes and Max.

Now, on that particular note, and since they admit that our work exposing members of such groups as the Creativity Movement and Southern Ontario Skinheads appears to be at least reasonably effective in discouraging active membership and participation in the racist movement in Canada, we figure we would share with our readers one of our latest project:

Our readers are well aware of "David Lawson" aka "Odin TheCelt" aka "Yordi Jewkiller" aka "Wernher Von Braun" aka "Akhilleus Ontarion" based on previous articles. He was a participant in last year's SOS march in London where he wore the same mask as above.

April 18, 2013 march in London. "Odin TheCelt"
is front and slightly right of center.
Honestly, he would just be one other loudmouth that we wouldn't have paid a lot of attention to, but then he started posting nuggets like these:


All this and more made "David" a lot more interesting to us and worthy of increased scrutiny. So we decided to dig into what "David's" real identity might be. As a result of our digging so far, we learned "David" had another online identity when we found his posts on Stormfront.

Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce you to "LastofaDyingBreed":

Here is "David" unmasked. Not a great photo, but it certainly more than we had before. And as a result of further digging, we found a new name.


Now, we aren't entirely convinced that "Buddy" is his real name either, but we think we are getting closer.

Threatening to kill people online just ain't kosher and, in fact, is pretty damn illegal.

You've been a bad, bad, boy Buddy.


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Max Hynes is a papered snitch. Who cares what he likes.

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