Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part XII

It has been a while since we last wrote about London's Southern Ontario "Skinheads." In truth, they had been rather boring of late which isn't necessarily a bad thing since that generally means they aren't getting into trouble. We've heard rumors that some of the members had moved on and that the group was rife with infighting, but then that's all standard fare. However there have been a few things that have occurred that have warranted our attention and which we think befit the honour of being entered into our award winning "Stooges" series.

We actually have Dan Hall to thank for prompting us to write this article. You remember Dan Hall, aka: "Odin TheCelt", aka: "Yordi JewKiller", aka: "David Lawson", aka: "Buddy Hall", aka: "LastofaDyingBreed", aka:.... well, we could go on. If you don't remember him, we have a photo handy for quick reference:

The photo above was originally posted by Hall on Stormfront where he posted as "LastofaDyingBreed." Originally we had published the photo in another article, but then we received the following pathetic and rambling messages from Hall:

For some inexplicable reason, we actually felt the dint of pity for Hall. There was something about his message that made us feel as if we were kicking a beaten dog chained to a post that cringed whenever someone would come near it. So we pulled down the photo.

The pulling of the photo and feeling sorry for Hall were mistakes that we will not make again, especially after receiving these messages from Hall last week:

First Dan, you have no copyright on posts made on Facebook just because you say it's so. Hell, you're own Facebook profile is public which is why we've always been able to read it (really, you aren't even making it hard for us). Second, since you have been involved in public demonstrations as part of a neo-Nazi organization, you have made yourself a public figure despite your efforts to conceal your identity. Congratulations, you are newsworthy. Finally, given the posts you've made concerning your desire to kill people (including members of ARC), identifying you could be considered a public service.

By the way, here are a few of his more recent posts, the first of which discusses Hall in trouble for making death threats....


.... followed by posts in which he seems to threaten to harm Canadian Revenue Agency employees:

We're assuming that the 2.75 inches refers to a weapon
and not to what we think is the other obvious inference.
"With Hitler, English was English." Uhm, did
you completely think out that statement?

You know, perhaps Dan Hall didn't like the original photo of himself because he didn't find it flattering? We never considered that possibility. Here's a much better photo of Dan:

And this one gives our readers a clear look at those beautiful baby blues:

If these don't satisfy Dan, he needn't worry.

We have many more photos to chose from.

Dan Hall isn't the only person whom we've received fan mail from. We've also recently heard from this fella:

The video posted by Dan Hall ("David Lawson") is the one
that we posted in the section covering his threats against us.
Oh, you do know how to romance a girl Jeremy.

Our readers will of course remember Jeremy Crawford. We mean, how could you not remember him after the epic email exchange that took place last year? It is clear that we have really gotten under his skin since Jeremy just can't stop himself from contacting us now:

Honestly Jeremy, we really don't think your law enforcement brother will appreciate your continual reference to his alleged steroid use. But you do indeed have wheels, You told us so yourself.

Another SOS member who had fallen off the map for a while recently surfaced again:


Adrian Graves was lying low for a while, but has reappeared looking mildly less bonehead-ish as a result of hair growth. We later learned that Graves, who has a very long criminal record but who had seemed to be behaving himself since his most recent release, has been a very bad boy:

And to further emphasize the point, he also posted this proudly on his profile:

Now we don't exactly know what he is alleged to have done, but based on his response to this....

.... he's not accused of jay walking:


Did we mention that Adrian Graves doesn't like snitches? 

He seems very nice.

Looking at some posts in the comment section of a YouTube video reminded us of yet another past SOS member:

Yes, he was kicked out of the club, but he was still someone we followed online for some time until he too disappeared. He did mention a few months back that he was currently in jail before his Facebook profile went down the memory hole. We suspect we might know the reason:

At least he's able to multitask.
But back to the current members of the SOS. Another individual asked specifically about Walsh (and later Crawford). Toronto creativity movement member Wes Smith suggested that Walsh was a project that failed and called us at ARC stink'n liars who lie while Max "come at me bro!" Hynes postured like an impudent peacock:

The reference to Walsh's racial indiscretion is not all that subtle. Max made it very clear that he does not like whom he refers to as race mixers.... which really sort of makes one of his more recent relationships incredibly awkward:

Oh, SOS. We wish we knew how to quit you.


Anonymous said...

No idea about what 'copyright' actually means or what an actual copyright infringement is and threatening with running to 'Jewlice' and the 'ZOG justice' system for help? Seriously?

Thanks for the entertainment, ARC, it was very much missed. And welcome back Nos, whose writing style I equally missed.

Anonymous said...

So did I understand this correctly? Rat Max is having himself a little black bundle of joy?

I guess it's not really all that surprising. Not a single one of those guys has any actual values that they stand by.

Anonymous said...

Challenge accepted and I don't need to threaten anyone just a warning and fuck revenue Canada they can take my 2.75 inches right up there butt haha nice pics
I look like such a dangerous nazi with all my purses and guns guess I could end it with a tony yayo quote "My lawyer money long I could beat the charge
And my hitman dress in them wigs and bras
Yo word to my mama son, nigga I'm the one"

haha thats what I think of your article time to go sniff a line. Odin

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on this video while searching for a certain skate clip and thought the guy slapping the Asian guy reminded me of someone I had seen on here before.

Isn't this Willis, the t-shirt guy?

Hair and especially tattoos match:

Nosferatu200 said...

Anonymous 1: Thank you. I might not be as active as in the past, but if things heat you know I'll be there to keep everyone up to date.

Anonymous 2: No no, nothing quite as dramatic as that. Merely that his most recent gf wasn't the pure Aryan Princes he might have liked. Kicked Brodie out of the SOS for worse though.

Anonymous 3: Oh Dan, we at ARC fear you may be disappointed by the outcome of your efforts.

Anonymous 4: Yep, it's him. We've been aware of the video for some time now. He's still somewhat active and we're keeping tabs as best we can.

max hynes said...

kitten is def white, half irish, a quarter german, a quarter greek to be exact, we werent in a relationship just hooked up. lol really though kyle reading comprehension has never been ur strong suit, i suggest you get another proof reading girlfriend.

Josh said...

These articles are hilarious. I hang out with skin heads, odinists and the national youth front from time to time. I even shave my head sometimes Nos. I even own clothing with ancient symbols. Its that just horrible and racist. Anti Racist is just code for anti white.

Love Joshua Zupancic

Nosferatu200 said...

Max: You're a classy fella. ;)

So, why don't you like Josh any more? As you can see from what he has posted he still likes hanging out with people like you. And as far as we know, while he's an idiot he isn't an idiot on the scale of Hall, Crawford, or Walsh.

Joshua: They are hilarious, aren't they? The "SOS Stooges" is our most read and requested. People really enjoy laughing at you all.... well.... not you. Seems you've been kicked out of the club. How do you feel about that?

Anonymous said...

I'm not racist. I just was intrigued by the idea of nationalism. Obviously a big mistake.

Nosferatu200 said...

Who is "I"?