22 August 2017

Salzberg and DeLuca Finally Respond to Vancouver Failure; DeLuca Blames CAP and SoO

When the members of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (based primarily in Alberta) and the Cultural Action Party (based almost exclusively in British Columbia) along with the Soldiers of Odin no-showed their own rally just because at least 4,000 people showed up who would have none of their shit, Joey DeLuca and Brad Salzberg were both very quiet for quite a long time.

And who could blame them? They were rather humiliated. One might even suggest that they were made cuckolds, at least to use the terminology that they themselves have used to describe those whom they view as their enemy.

Others were initially left to try to explain what happened. The usual excuse of "the counter protesters were paid by George Soros" was offered, as well as impugning the good people who showed up. My personal favorite though is the guy who claimed the reports were the result of "fake news" and that the counter protesters were ACTUALLY outnumbered by the "patriots" by 100 to 1:

Yes, the delusions are very strong with these ones.

Eventually though, DeLuca and Salzberg would have to come out and explain what the hell went wrong.

The first to do so was Salzberg himself who tries to put a brave face on the disaster:

20 August 2017

Anti-Fascists Confront La Meute in Quebec City.

In one of the opening scenes of the Charlottesville Vice documentary, one individual stated that he had driven 12 hours from Canada to attend the event:

Well activists were able to track down information about him and one other Canadian participating in the hate rally. At least one of the men is was a member of the Quebec hate group La Meute:
“Twelve hours from our car -- we've been driving from north of the border,” one of the men says in the VICE News documentary, speaking in accented English. “In Canada, hurting people's feelings is basically illegal.” 
According to the anti-racist group, one of those men is a known member of La Meute, a far-right Quebec-based anti-Islam group. 
In an interview with CTV Montreal, however, La Meute spokesperson Sylvain Brouillette said the outed individual claims that he is not a white supremacist but nevertheless voluntarily withdrew his membership Tuesday night so as not to implicate La Meute with his personal actions. 
La Meute, which has hosted demonstrations against radical Islam and illegal immigration, mostly operates as a private Facebook group -- a necessity, Brouillette said, as members fear losing their jobs if they were to be outed. The group, he said, will still go ahead with a planned demonstration in Quebec City on Sunday.
La Meute was at the time planning for their own march/rally in Quebec city to be held today. Reports are that La Meute are wildly outnumbered by anti-fascists and were, at least as of the writing of this article, holed up in a parking garage. Nora Loreto‏ is currently reporting on what is going on:

All You Fascists Bound To Lose

19 August 2017

Vancouver: Massive Counter-Protest While WCAI No-Show

Joey DeLuca and Jesse Wielenga of WCAI have been in the news as a result of their plans to hold a rally in Vancouver along with the Cultural Action Party and Soldiers of Odin:

The media coverage has focused in part on the hypocrisy of Deluca claiming to be a "law and order" advocate despite a long criminal record himself as well as their claims to not be racist even though the vice-president promotes neo-Nazi views.

Joey has responded in his usual bellicose manner:

They do and say what they want, eh?

Well, what happens when 4,000 to 5,000 counter-protesters show up to oppose them?
Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms
Well, suddenly they aren't so brave:

Yes, the screen shot above is likely from a parody site, but it's still funny.

More to come, but for now suffice it to say thank you Vancouver!

18 August 2017

A Very, Very, Bad Week For Ezra Levant and "The Rebel"

That may very well be a huge understatement:
And most recently, even though Faith Goldy firmly stated that she would "stand with Ezra"....

.... it looks like Ezra wasn't as willing to stand with Faith:

Yeah, she actually thought appearing as a guest on a "Daily Stormer" podcast was a good idea given the current shit storm.

However, perhaps the most damaging story ultimately might be these ones:
Yeah.... though nothing has been proven thus far, this if true is a huge deal?
Now, the criticism coming from these sources as well as my own criticisms of "The Rebel" really don't mean much the the tens of thousands of Levant's and "The Rebel's" loyal viewers and supporters. We are #fakenews, lieberals, and probably all on George Soros' payroll because that's the mantra of many of those loyal followers. So the question that should be asked is how are they responding to these stories, especially the claims made by the former correspondent?

Well, thus far it seems that they are split down the middle.

17 August 2017

Calgary School Board Candidate Threatened; Charlottesville and Aryan Guard Invoked

Well because at this moment I have even less tolerance (less than 0 is really hard to do, fyi) for assholes threatening to have people killed because they are of a different ethnicity, I would like to introduce someone to ya'll.

Meet Shawn Street of Calgary::

Oh you don't KNOW about storms YET Shawn
Edited as Street no longer works at the business as stated on his LinkedIn profile.

Shawn in fact works, or perhaps by the time this is published I should say worked, at Kenn Borek Air Ltd.

Now prior to yesterday evening I had do idea who this fella was, but he quickly made it on to the radar when my friends let me know about this:

I waited on this until my friends contacted both the media and Shawn's employer.

I know that his work place has been contacted.

And I also know the media has:
Racist death threats linked to Charlottesville violence aimed at Calgary school trustee candidateThreats said Nimra Amjad would be 'lying dead on the street' like Charlottesville protesterBy Dan McGarvey, CBC News Posted: Aug 17, 2017 5:30 AM MT Last    Updated: Aug 17, 2017 8:05 AM MT 
A Calgary woman running to become a school board trustee says she's been the victim of racist death threats on Facebook that reference the killing of an anti-fascist protester in the U.S. 
"I'm still in shock, for many reasons," said Nimra Amjad, who is running in the upcoming municipal election to become a school trustee in Ward 3 and 4.....There were two threatening comments left on Amjad's Facebook campaign page, and a private message was sent to her personal account. 
The comments were made in a post where people were discussing the CBE cutting bus services for kids in some specialist programs in Calgary. 
In the first comment, Amjad was called a racial slur and asked what right she has to run for office in Canada. 
The post threatened that the neo-Nazi Aryan Guard group, which has been active in Calgary in the past, would find out where she lives, telling her to "beware." 
Another post read: "you will be lying dead on the street like Heather Heyer." Heyer is the 32-year-old protester killed after a car plowed through a crowd in Charlottesville, Va. where white supremacist groups and counter-protesters violently clashed.
Shawn Street, you are a special kind of stupid.

16 August 2017

WCAI Rally In Vancouver August 19 and the Charlottesville Terrorist Attack

Decent people are still mourning the death of Heather Heyer who was murdered by a Nazi supporter in Charlottesville during an "alt-right" rally.

Among those decent people, the POTUS is not among them. The current occupant of the White House, after his previous moral failure in suggesting an equivalency between the fascists who called for the extermination of Jews and the superiority of the "white race" and the citizens who oppose those views before a ham fisted (and tepid) condemnation of the Nazis and Klan 48 hours after the death of Ms. Heyer, decided to triple down on his first statement and even suggested that these people were simply peaceful protesters who were "attacked" by the anti-fascists:

If there is anything positive that resulted from this tragedy, it is that it has resulted in people who might otherwise have ignored hate groups as "fringe" recognizing the real danger they present to individuals and institutions. It has resulted in the msm paying much more attention and exposing these haters. It has resulted in some of the right-wing media, such as "The Rebel" in Canada, trying |(and failing; three correspondents have left as of today) to backpedal their support. And it has resulted in a fracturing of the movement between the hardcore "alt-right" who still support and celebrate what happened and the "alt-lite" who have decided that being edgy, meme-loving, nationalists might not be in their long term interests. I will be talking at length about the infighting in Canada (which to be fair preceded the events in Charlottesville) at a later date.

Among those in Canada who have decided to end any pretense of being non-racist and to fully embrace the spirit of the "Unite the Right" Nazis, Klan members, and militias who marched in Charlottesville is the World Wide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI). Again this trend began before the Charlottesville tragedy as the following twitter posts prove....

15 August 2017

III% Alberta Militia Leader Suggests They Are Going To Become Property Managers In Edmonton

While the anti-Muslim/anti-Government rallies held on June 3 were mostly unsuccessful across the country, the event in Calgary was an exception as it managed to attract close to 100 people. One of the distinguishing features of this rally was the presence of III% Alberta members who claimed to be acting as security, some of whom were armed with stun canes:

The III% militia has also provided "security" at other venues including Toronto where some of their members were involved in assaults on a journalist and counter protesters. More recently in Hamilton where they helped to provoke conflict. In response to the latter incident as well as to the tragedy in Charlottesville, a Hamilton city councilor is working to ban outside groups security at future rallies and protests on city property. This doesn't preclude III% militia members from being involved in protests, only that they can not claim that they are present in an official capacity, however the thought of not being able to walk around in airsoft gear is really rustling some III% jimmies.

ARC has written about the III% militia several times at this point, including the posting of an article while I was away bursting into flame enjoying the sun on my vacation. At the time the head of the III% Alberta militia made the following comment:

At the time I wasn't really sure what the "huge x5" thing(s) Welling was going on about and since I was heading out of the country I wasn't going to find out any time soon. A friend was keeping tabs on them however and I found this waiting for me on my return:

14 August 2017

Brian Lilley, "The Rebel" Co-Founder, Resigns

While the tragedy in Virginia and association with the "alt-right" appears to be the straw that broke the camel's back, Lilley suggests that this was a process that began some time ago. He posted the following on Facebook:

Earlier Ezra Levant attempted some damage control by disavowing any connection to the "alt-right." His rather infamous correspondent tried to as well:

I suppose then that this is rather inconvenient:

 And as with McInnes' failed effort, Levant's attempt to distance himself from the beast he helped to promote has also gone down like a lead balloon:
A leadership candidate for Alberta's United Conservative Party is calling on other candidates to condemn Rebel Media for its coverage of the deadly clash between anti-racism activists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Va. on the weekend. 
Doug Schweitzer, facing a tough battle against leadership frontrunners Jason Kenney and Brian Jean, took to Twitter on Saturday to accuse the right-wing media outlet of defending the white supremacists during its coverage of the violence.....Just before the fatal collision, Rebel personality Faith Goldy was livestreaming from the scene and condemning authorities for allowing counter protesters to rally, after they declared the white supremacist march an illegal gathering.
Speaking of Goldy, posts such as these probably don't help Levant's argument:

"The JQ" is the Jewish Question, a term one of the "alt-right's" heroes seems to have had an answer to.

Events in Charlottesville, VA: Some Canadian Racists React (Part II)

ARC continues to watch the fall-out from the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally and counter protest. It didn't take long for Charlottesville "truthers" including Canadians to emerge suggesting that the murder of Heather Heyer was either:
  1. A false flag.
  2. An accident precipitated by the actions of the counter protesters.
  3. Committed by a "left-wing" Bernie Sanders supporter. 
  4. George Soros. Honestly, just the name George Soros because even though I'm generally pretty good at figuring out what conspiracy nutters are going on about, this is a stretch even for them. Basically invoking the name is enough to suggest a dark conspiracy.
Here are a few of such examples:

There are also those who continue to celebrate the death of another human being and hope for more of the same:

There have been a number of rallies and vigils held throughout North America today both to honor the memory of Heather Heyer as well as to condemn the racist "alt-right" white supremacist movement. The event in Toronto, held at the America consulate, was crashed by Ronny Cameron who is now styling himself as a journalist:

The video is well over an hour long and tedious as hell as Cameron attempts to "debate" people attending a vigil to honor a murdered woman....

....but here are a few of the comments from people Ronny suggests are, "the best":

Lots of class.