Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Quixotic Quest of Don Myatt's Class Action Lawsuit Effort

Looks like the hamster in Steven Alexander Sisyphus Jude "Bonnie Prince Charlie" Gregory Myatt's cranium has been running and gone a popped an idea into head:

But I really am getting ahead of myself.

Since October 19, 2015, many of those who are associated with the Islamophobia and/or racist movements in Canada have been apoplectic about the victory of the federal Liberal Party, directing their rage particularly at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The rage has continued to be stoked by such "media" sites as Ezra Levant's "The Rebel Media", a litany of false (or grossly and willfully misinterpreted) news stories that have been disseminated through social media, and the dog-whistle politics of the then governing Conservative Party which continued through the leadership campaign of Kellie Leitch and I would argue under the current Conservative leadership of Andrew Scheer:

Within days of the Liberal's victory, many of the individuals motivated by these efforts were creating petitions to demand the Governor-General call the election null and void, remove Trudeau from office, and replace him and the Liberals with Stephen Harper's Conservative Party. When these efforts proved impotent (because.... you know.... democracy), many started lashing with more violent rhetoric advocating for the deportation of Trudeau and his family to a Muslim country based on the erroneous belief that he is a Muslim and thus not qualified constitutionally to be Prime Minister (I don't have to tell ARC's readers that this isn't actually a law), wishing for his wife and children to be sexually assaulted, and even political assassination some of which has been written about on this blog.

A more recent tactic is the desire of these especially malcontents to see if they might be able to convince the American government to invade the country and either annex all or part of Canada or at least remove the Liberals from power and replacing them with a puppet government:

The irony of all this of course is that they folks all present themselves as God-fearing patriots....

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Georgeanne Burke, Islamophobia, and Ties to Conservative Party of Canada

Back in July ARC published a story featuring Georgeanne Burke, a Conservative Party activist, and her ties to Islamophobic groups in Canada. Today Evan Balgord and Steven Zhou have dug even deeper, publishing an article in "Vice Canada" highlighting her continued links to Islamophobic groups in the country as well as her connection to Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer, the Conservative Party, and Rebel Media:
Conservative party leadership advisor helped create anti-Islam organization....
Georganne Burke, the Scheer campaign’s Outreach Chair, was involved in the founding of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF). The group warns that the Liberal government is criminalizing criticism of Islam and opening the door for a Sharia (Islamic) takeover of Canadian law. C3RF plans to hold events across the country to advocate against M103 and the Trudeau government.
Georganne Burke is one of at least three senior members of Scheer’s campaign team that have now been linked to the so-called alt-right or anti-Islam groups. Scheer’s Campaign Manager, Hamish Marshall, was a director of Rebel Media, an alt-right media outlet that pushes narratives of white genocide and hosts prominent alt-right figures, and worked out of the Rebel offices during the campaign. He has been named as a campaign chair for the 2019 general election.
Burke was also a member of several extreme anti-Muslim groups on Facebook, but says she was only in those groups for information purposes. Burke left at least two of these groups following a story by Anti-Racist Canada which named her as a member of groups like the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam, a group which critics say is anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic. Burke hasn’t posted any explicitly anti-Muslim comments on the C3RF Facebook Page, according to a search of posts in the group.
Warren Kinsella has also commented on the story and asks the following questions:
Why – why, why, why – is [Scheer] aligning himself with/associating with people who have links to the extremes? Why is he taking that risk, in a country as diverse and as multicultural as this one?
Good questions and ones I think the Canadian public would be interested in hearing answers to.

I would urge ARC's readers to take a look at Balgord's article in more detail.

Monday, December 04, 2017

December 2017 Bits and Bites: Calgary Vandalism, Blood & Honour, and Ronny Cameron

It might be a bit early in the month to post a Bits and Bites article, but I figure if another is necessary later, I'm sure the readers won't mind.

In any case it has been a busy couple of days and I thought that I should address a few recent news stories that crossed my desk.

The first deals with racist notes left (and in at least one case thrown through a window) at the home of two women in Calgary:
Pair of Calgary women receive racially charged threats signed with altered Canadian flag 
Letters threaten specific violence against Indigenous woman and woman with Nenshi sign on her home
By Robson Fletcher, CBC News Posted: Dec 04, 2017 3:57 PM MT Last Updated: Dec 04, 2017 3:57 PM MT
Calgary police say they are investigating after two women in the same neighbourhood received racially charged letters that threaten extreme violence against them, signed with a similar symbol that blends a Canadian flag with a Christian cross.
Both letters are signed with a symbol that is "essentially a Canadian flag with a red cross in the centre of it, rather than a maple leaf," said Misty Wind Shingoose, a resident of the southeast community of Deer Ridge.
Shingoose said she awoke on Saturday to find a bed sheet sprawled out on her front lawn with a note left on the sheet. 
"There were death threats, threats of rape, and racial slurs and comments about me being an Indigenous woman," she said of the note. 
"It was really quite horrific." 
The note expresses anger at Shingoose for parking a large bus on the street in front of her home, a vehicle she has been retrofitting to use as a mobile hair studio to give free haircuts to the city's homeless. The bus was also vandalized. 
The note threatens specific sexual violence and murder against Shingoose.
A second woman was also targeted on the same street:
Later, Shingoose said she was contacted by a neighbour who received a similar threat.
"She essentially told me that she had the same symbol on the bottom of a letter after a massive stone was thrown through her window half an hour after my bus was vandalized," Shingoose said.
"She's not Aboriginal. She's white and she had a Naheed Nenshi sign on her deck and her letter went off of that." 
Shingoose provided CBC News with a copy of the letter her neighbour received.
"You support Nenshi?" the letter says, referring to Calgary's mayor, who is Muslim.
"You are a Muslim sympathizer pig and you will pay."
It goes on to tell the woman to either move or "have your house burned down in the next few years." 
It also offers "forgiveness" if she places a sign bearing the same flag-cross symbol on her fence for a week.
Ms. Shingoose posted a copy of the two letters as well as the vandalism done to her van on social media in an effort to elicit the public's assistance in determining who the individual is. I would ask ARC's readers to pay attention to the symbol posted to the letters as that may jog someone's memory as to who might have left the notes and vandalized the bus:

She also included the following:
So my Neighbour down the street from me ALSO had her home vandalized (huge rock through her window) for having a Nenshi sign on her house!! The guy left this threatening letter WITH THE SAME SYMBOL on it as my note!! 
Happened the same night, about 30 mins after!! 
Completely premeditated and he's been watching all over our area obviously! 
I am standing up against this RIGHT NOW and Phil and I plan to canvas the neighbourhood EVERY HOUSE in between mine and their home and around this direct vicinity with pamphlets I am making right now. They will have info regarding this cowardly person THREATENING us for simply existing in this community in a manner in which he doesn't like.
Also in Calgary this weekend, Blood & Honour members were also active leaving a flyer at the residence of Jason Devine:

Jason, Bonnie, and their children are sadly all too familiar with McKee and co as they have been the targets of vandalism, at least one firebombing, and a home invasion and assault all of which Blood & Honour (and their predecessor the Aryan Guard) are suspected of having carried out. The flyer was found only at the Devine's home; none of the neighbors received it so it is clear Jason and Bonnie were specifically targeted.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Ronny Cameron Continues Down The White Nationalist Path

On November 30, 2017, Ronny Cameron was shocked! Shocked I say! Shocked and, in fact, disgusted! So disgusted that he HAD to record the incident and then share it with all of his faithful followers so that they too could be shocked and disgusted at perhaps the most heinous defilement of a major urban center Canada.... nay, the world, had ever seen:

The video is edited to spare the delicate sensibilities of my dear readers (and more seriously to as best I can preserve the dignity of the subject of Cameron's video because he really is an asshole):

Oh deary me! Public urination?

In Scarborough?

Now I don't know what the circumstances are behind the video, aside from what looks to be some pretty repulsive and exploitative voyeurism on the part of Cameron. The woman may be homeless and/or mentally ill. Or she might be someone who REALLY had to relieve herself and said, "fuck it!" There is also no indication of the woman's ethnicity and given the time of night I'd be willing to bet that Cameron really can't be certain either, however he is SURE that this is indicative of "third world" practices, is un-Canadian, and is an example of the failure of multiculturalism:

His followers agree and know instinctively who to blame.

Muslims, immigrants, and people of colour:


Alberta III% Militia Claim To Be In Security and Intelligence Business. Again, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Just over a week ago ARC published a story concerning the Alberta III% militia's claim to have entered into the addictions recovery business. Aside from the likelihood that their efforts may potentially involve discriminatory practices considering their anti-Muslim biases (a bit of an understatement), there is also the danger that, like other gangs and hate groups, the Threepers would use their position to take advantage of vulnerable people for recruitment purposes.

Well, we can now add to the list of their supposed ventures the claim that they have now entered into the private security and intelligence gathering business.

To be fair we had indication of this early on in reference to the WCAI rally in Calgary on June 3:

Wait.... terrier attacks?

They continued to play make believe super spy into June likely in response to the MEGA Patriot Rally the WCAI had planned on before it spectacularly failed (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). The Threepers had planned on providing security then as well:

"Special ops."

Really. This is how they talk to each other.

In any case by July "Beau" Welling was ready to go public about their intel gathering and security efforts, something that "Vice" discussed this past June: